Hi from SF Bay Area

Hi, I’m Carl from SF Bay Area. While bored at home during Covid shelter in place I asked myself, “I wonder if I can play the trombone while riding a unicycle.” After playing “Happy Birthday” without damaging the horn I realized that I needed to practice unicycling a lot more. Now I’m doing some Muni and longest ride is 14 miles. Goals for skills are idling and riding backwards.


Welcome here @unihorn!
Feel free to share your progress and if you have questions, there are a lot of experts here :slight_smile:

So could you unicycle before? And/or play the trombone?

Funny you say that, a neighbor in our building is becoming a unicycle addict since I lent him my 20" and he came along for riding tips. He’s also a trombone player.

And there’s another guy in our Bay Area unicycle group who has posted a You Tube of trombone unicycling! Here’s my video https://youtu.be/b4FVZNy6zto I’m a much better trombone player than unicyclist and this little experiment motivated me to improve my unicycling. My dream would be to ride forwards and backwards while playing, something like an Olympic ice skater. ha!


Yay! :trumpet: (yeah, there’s no trombone emoji… What a sad world we live in)

And just so you know, you can embed videos here by pasting the video link on a single line:

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