Hi from E. WA, USA

What’s your name? Dan

Where do you come from? Eastern, WA USA

What is your experience of unicycling? Beginner

Hi there. Im learning on a 20” garage find. I can get across the parking lot before my legs give out and just did my first (sorta)freemount (only got 2 pedals after). I’ve got a 7 year old trying to learn with me and a 5 year old with a broken leg who is itching to start.(I have an ad on here looking for an old 12” if you want to look).

Excited to keep keep progressing. I’ve already received some advice on here. Thought I should officially say hi.

If anyone is nearby, I’d love to meet up. I haven’t actually met anyone else who rides.


@Phil_on_uni and I are both in Spokane. Hit up our unicycle club @ spouniclub@gmail.com if you are ever in the area. we are always down for a ride. mostly street, though

Thanks for the invite.

@DanH I’m in Bellingham. I’ll usually ride on the dry side several times during “normal” years.

If you’re near UnicycleWenatchee you can find them on Instagram.


Thanks for the tip! I’m not on instagram. I’ve only been on Facebook. Maybe now I have a reason to switch.