Hi from Dublin Ireland

My name is James and I’m living in Dublin Ireland. I first learned to unicycle on a 20" in college over 20 years ago but could never freemount or idle. Then in 2005 I was at the EJC in Ptuj Slovenia and I bought myself a 24" Viscount but didn’t really get any further on that and it stayed in my shed for years getting very few run outs.

Then lockdown happened and with only a 2km radius for travel here in Ireland and with a two year old who loved riding his balance bike on the paths here I decided that it was the perfect time to give unicycling one more shot. I took the 24 inch out and learned to freemount and idle (though still not as well as I’d like). I got 15m runs or so in reverse and I was hooked. A 29" Nimbus Oracle was bought and we headed to the park together.

I love riding around the park with my boy. It’s the perfect way to match our speeds. And neither of us get bored. I have no real interest in getting into extreme Muni but I’d like to progress a bit and ride more interesting terrain. I like stuff that flows and its fun and where the ground is soft and forgiving. I can’t really get into climbing with a two year old and I don’t really want to either.

Here’s a short edit of my two year old and I earlier in the summer after I’d just gotten the 29".

I love this forum btw. It’s a much better place to store knowledge for future reference than in social media posts. Well done to all involved.


Welcome here @DublinMuni :slight_smile: :handshake:

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Hey DublinMuni, welcome to the forum! :wave:

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That’s a cute video with your son. He’ll have to graduate to one wheel eventually. The trail is so picturesque it looks like a movie set.

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Hi welcome here :smile:

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Thanks aarons. It’s got a nice bit of ground criss crossed with trails like that which I’m finding a fun but very doable challenge.

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