Hi from CT USA

What’s your name?Carl Linley

Where do you come from?Easton, CT

What is your experience of unicycling?started 50 years ago on a 20” and eventually built a 27” from that . Much later in life Coker came out with the big one 36er had to get it! Then the V2 came out and I thought it must be better. Not so much. Unicycle.com came out with the Nightrider tire and I loved that. Now riding an Oracle 36 with carbon rim and Nightrider light tire. So far this is the best ride ever. Trying to get the disc brake to work smoothly but it keeps vibrating, any ideas?


I know nothing about disc brakes, so I’ll leave that to others, but welcome to the forum!

The disk brake on my Oracle squeals like mad, making a strong vibration travel through the entire unicycle. If I were any more ticklish, I’d literally have to dismount during the vibration. The sound builds in amplitude as I increase brake pressure until I hear a distinct octave between the two primary modes of vibration. I don’t know how to fix the problem. My Oracle is from the batch they made with the D-brake attached to the bottom bracket. The vibration problem may have stopped when they started attaching the brake to the frame.

Some have dealt with the D-Brake vibrations by attaching the end of the D-Brake to the frame (search for «Hugo Strut» in the forum to see pictures of the original ideas and variations).

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Sometimes also new brakes need some time to develop their full braking force and smoothness. New brakes sometimes tend to vibrate a little bit. If you have it installed at the d’Brake, then i warmly recommend you to follow Siddhartha Valmonts advice with the Hugo Strut.

Organic pads are the least likely to cause vibrations and noise. They will wear a little faster but give the best control and are the easiest on the the disk.

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