Hi Everyone

I wanted to stop in and officially say hello to everyone. I’m John and I like to unicycle so I hope I came to the right place. I started riding in 2009 when I was 13 before I was too old to care about falling off 10,000 times when I was initially learning. Crazy to say that the first thing I have stuck with for over a decade, besides lame-o school, has been unicycling but have been loving every day of it since I first fell on my young behind.

I am interested in every facet of unicycling having explored the numerous alleys of trials, mountain riding, and long distance cycling. I just competed in my first race and came in dead last against all the two-wheeled unicycles. It really was a fantastic time. I have grown more interested in long-distance touring and am currently in the works of designing a luggage system that doesn’t cost a fortune and even though I will indefinitely end up getting a pre-made set up, tinkering around with PVC pipe and hose clamps has been a real barrel of monkeys.

I just moved to Northern Virginia to work in agricultural planning and would love to talk more about unicycling/go for a ride with anyone who is also trying to combine stimulating conversation with one-wheeled antics. I look forward to seeing everyone around.

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