Hi everyone I have a Question

Well first of all I want to say hi. I have been riding a unicycle for years. I started with a 20" when I was about 13 years old or maybe youger which I still have. I can ride it without and problems. I am 30 now and still have that unicycle and still pull it out and play with it some times. It is a little beaten up well the set is atleast from all of the learning over the years.

I have three kids and they think it is funny to watch dad on it.

Well this years just yesterday my wife bought me a Giraffe 5 ft unicycle. I have always wanted one.

I don’t ride every day and sometimes haven’t rode for a year or so. But since I have this one I have enjoyed getting back on it.

I rode the it the first time. BUT man is it work to get on it.

I pull myself up from the roof of my house. Does anyone no how to free mount the 5’ and give me some help or tips.

I am also a firefighter and am looking at getting into Clown work with the fire prevention team and going around to school doing fire prevention I think this hobby I have would come in perfect.

Any help on learning how to free mount would be great.

THANKS Wheels Fire Site my web page

Check this out…




Post this over in the main forum or recsportcycling. This forum probably gets very little viewing. You might get more advice.


Go to http://www.unicycling.org/unicycling/mg.html, and scroll down to the bottom of the screen. It shows step by step pictures of Wolfgang Strößner mounting a 9½ foot (2.85m) giraffe unicycle. He makes an extra step up because it is so tall, but if you take out one of the mid-way steps, its like mounting a 5-footer. I have a five footer unicycle and I was able to free mount it on the first day using this method. First step onto the wheel. From there push up onto the lower pedal (make sure that the lower pedal is on your stronger side), then just push from the pedal up onto the seat and plase your other foot on the other pedal. After a couple of tries you should be able to get yourself up to the level of the seat (sitting level), however, it will take a lot more tries until you can continue riding after the mount. Usually you will reach the top and then loose your balance almost immediately.

  Neshan, the lone unicyclist...:)

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