Hi Everybody

Hey friends. My name is John and I have recently just appeared here on this site. I wished to introduce myself before everyone started to notice me standing in the corner of the party eating all the pigs-in-a-blanket.

I started unicycling in 2009 when I was still young and vivacious to not mind falling on my behind 10,000 times. I remember sitting on my couch watching a mastercard commercial with Kris Holm saying something like “No matter how crazy my life is, Mastercard follows me anywhere.” and the entire time he was jumping off of skyscrapers and such on his unicycle. It was this commercial that made me say, “I need to do that, too.” Turns out there are few more ironic things than finally getting a unicycle and it being in the winter since it had recently snowed and waiting to get outside to learn was a true test of patience.

Anyway, I am in love with every facet of unicycling, having dabbled in trials, off-road, and long distance riding. I found it really difficult to be bored with so many unicycling options. Over a decade after first learning to ride I competed in my first long(ish) distance bike event finishing in dead last behind the bizarre two-wheeled unicycles over the 25km distance. It was a fantastic time.

At the moment I have been experimenting with some PVC pipes, hose clamps, and canvas fabric to fabricate a touring setup that will allow for some overnight touring near and around where I live with the end goal to try something progressively more aggressive.

I have recently moved to Northern Virginia for a job that pays me real money, which is pretty cool, and would love to devour the trails and roads in the bountiful landscape. If you’re in the area and love to ride but hate doing so alone, don’t be afraid to reach out.

I look forward to meeting everyone!

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A belated welcome to the community!

Did you finish constructing your PVC touring setup? I always like DIY solutions.

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