Hi everybody, my name is Ole

Hey everybody,
my name is Ole and i´m bases in Leipzig, Germany. I grew up on the island of “Rügen” the biggest island of germany sorrounded by the baltic sea.

I started unicycling when i was around 13 years old. my father started and i followed. Actually i learnad much faster than him. :wink: When i was able to ride safely i got my first muni. A 20" Qu-ax and i enjoyed my first trails passing the sea and the coast. I didn´t even know the difference between Muni or freestyle. i just rode my unicycle. But untortunately i was the only rider, beside my father, in the area, what made me stop unicycling for around 10 years. But when 2020 started i decided to start again, too.
I tooked my 20" and was suprised that i was still able to ride it, but also how slow it is to ride a 20" uni. I joined the unihockey-Team in Leipzig, but i also enjoyed riding longer distances. I tried running a few times, but unicycling was much more satisfying ;). So i bought a 27,5" Qu-ax Muni on ebay for a really good price and started riding…

That´s what im doing now. Riding on my 27,5" Qu-ax. I explore the green areas around my actual hometown Leipzig and i would love to meet some other riders to meet up and ride together. If anybody is out there, let me know :wink: I ride like 2 to 3 times a week. mostly around 15-20 k, but also did one 30 and a 38k ride (these were hard :wink: )

Thanks for reopening this platform again. There are a lot of questions to ask and maybe even more connections to find.

All the best to everyone reading this,



@rausmitmir hello, and welcome to the forum!

Welcome to the forum. So we will maybe meet at one of the next hockey turnaments in Leipzig, Dresden or Meißen. :slight_smile: :tennis::ice_hockey::uni:

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