Hey, Unicyclist! You were spotted!

Ben just returned from a class trip to Washington D.C. and saw you during his trip.

The first sighting happened he thinks (saw a lot of stuff on the trip and tough to remember times exactly) on Wednesday morning, June 1, on the way into D.C. from the Comfort Inn hotel in Fairfax, Virginia. Ben saw your small metallic blue hatchback-style car with bicycles on the back and a Coker inside the hatch.

The second sighting occured possibly on Wednesday night. A young man, approximately 12 to 13 years old (forgive us if we inaccurate with the age) standing with a woman, possibly his mother, on a corner in Arlington, Virginia near the Iwo Jima memorial. You had on a green unicycle club shirt with white lettering. There was a distinct unicycle logo on the front of the shirt with a word beginning with “M” above the logo and the word “club” underneath.

We’d love to know if either of these people was you.

Remember, Big Unicycle Brother is everywhere and sees everything.


On a related note, I saw my first unicyclist (a club rider) the otherday, that was my first encounter with a rider who wasn’t riding with me.

I was in my car.

All I did was honk (ready to wave), thinking he’d see me. Nope, I was just some idiot in a car honking at the guy riding a circus bike down the street :frowning:

You aren’t this anyways?

No, sometimes I’m not even in the car, I just run making honking sounds pointing at people

it wasnt me, but if we find out who it is, i call him/her/them. washington dc is my turf. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I did this to one of my friends the other day. He was waiting at a stoplight to cross, and I honked as I drove by, and he waved at me, but I could tell that he didn’t really see me. He was just doing the “yes, I have to wave at you or you’re going to think we unicyclists are stuck up, but I know you view me as a trained monkey” wave. I know the wave. I’ve done it myself.


that was not me but i live close rely to there and thats my age

Really??? I declare dibs :stuck_out_tongue: … Might have been James? Only person I’ve heard of around here that rides a big wheel round these parts. But then again I don’t hear of many people.

Hey I had a uni sighting once while on vacation down in Florida…good thing is 9 out of 10 of unicyclist prefer unicyclist.com so I easily found out who they were :smiley:

This thread is from 4 years ago!

bwahahaha! totally didn’t even notice, that’s awesome. tabler1010, were you going thru the archives or something?

He was probably searching for Washington DC riders.

ya about a couple of months ago i saw a unicyclist near toronto he was plaing a flute also coming of of a bus, if you know this individual please speak up. More information will be given if needed lol.

spotting on the C&O Canal in DC/MD


My friend Aaron was riding along the C&O Canal towpath on Saturday evening (May 30). Near the DC/MD line, he says he saw a rider on a 36’er with a biker. They were apparently loaded for touring and heading north. Anyone here? James? Claude?

I suppose whoever it was is likely still out there, but maybe it was just an overnight tour.

Yep, it was me and Frank. I was on my touring bike carrying the tent and gear and Frank was on his 36er. We were just doing a 2 day 1 night trip, it was pretty fun. I would have been on my uni as well…but I’m training for my first self supported bike tour.

Bit of a vague one this…
Last Monday (20th July) I was in the Lester Pearson Airport car park in Toronto, Canada.
I was sorting out a hire car and there was a couple standing next to me waiting for the next car.
Something about the guy made my spider-sense tingle but seeing as no supervillains showed, I brushed it off.
It was only when I got my suitcase in the car and sat down to drive off that I realised what it was.
The guy was carrying a huge wheel-bag.
About Coker size.
I banged my palm on my forehead.
Really, what else could it be?
A wheel that big?
By the time I twigged they were in their car and off.
Now as nice as it is to meet another unicyclist, I wasn’t prepared to chase after them at ninety miles an hour.
That would be weird.

So, just wondering if this was you.

I’m glad you’re not really a superhero… I think we’d all be doomed with your skills of perception and reflexes!

Today on my way to work, I passed a gentleman coming the other way with a 24", or possibly a 20", unicycle with a silver frame.
We exchanged a big smile and a wave, and continued on our merry ways.
Anyone from the forums?

Yesterday I saw a unicyclist riding a red Nimbus 24" on the sidewalk in the Dinkytown area of Minneapolis near the University of Minnesota. Anybody?

Encountered a teenager(?) riding down the sidewalk along Nørrebrogade this evening.
I was too surprised to ask him about his other wheel…
Anybody here?