Hey Max, E-mail me.

Hey Max, E-mail me.



You could have sent him an e-mail through the forum, or a PM, or something. You might want to specify which Max, too.

  • A different Max

Eh, it worked t ok. I suppose for future reference though.

Good point, but I knew that Max D. was going to see the post. Plus, I knew of only one on the forum with the handle “Max.”

I’ve got so many e-mail accounts to keep track of that I almost never use my PM option.

Hey Sockmonster, how far are you from Agusta, Maine?

Nice to know that we have other MAX-Factors on the forum!


TMax…present and accounted for, sir.


Are you coming to practice tonight?


About an hour and a half, why?

I had a “customer ok” on press last night from 2am to 4am. Then slept 2.5 hrs before back to work…

I’m afraid I’d hurt myself if I got on a unicycle today.