Hey Kris... Norco's New Cranks?

Hey Kris, Do you know if Norco has found any cheap, but fairly strong
cranks yet?
P.S. I love the new Norco Trials Uni! thanx for suggesting it… What I
need now are some cheap and durable cranks… or, at least anything
better than lascos. Thanx alot.

)—(x) Dylan Wallinger Keep Riding

lasco cranks

anything better than those,sould be easy to find…

I need something better than my Lascos too. I’ve got a set of Profile 3 pc. cranks but they’re 175mm I think?

Yeah, my lascos started to strip the second day i got my unicycle…

My Lascos also started to strip on the second day I had them. I’ve got a set of 175mm Profile 3-piece cranks, and a pair of 171mm Cooks Bro. 3-piece cranks. I think I’m going to try and put the Cooks on today.