Hey i'm new!

i just recently saw some videos of unicycling, and it completely amazed me. i learned to ride a Shwinn unicycle, from the 70s i beleive, when i was 10.

i then stopped, for a while, but recently have embraced my love of unicycling again. i’m not too great at unicycling, since i’m just starting again. i still need to find my core balance, and hold on to something to get started, and use my arms a lot for balance. i guess i’m a traditional cycler.

i’d love any advice, or anyone in the long island area to ride with and give me some pointers on how to improve my unicycle and skill.


thanks :slight_smile: do you have any advice for a beginner?

Welcome to the greatest Uni forum on the planet! That’s cool I also started when I was a kid and one of my favorites was my old schwinn 24"…that I still have! It has the old cottered cranks that get loose, but it’s still a snapshot in time that I’ll never forget! I even remember buying a brand new one for like $45 from my LBS!

You seem to be doing pretty well.
Ride it everywhere you go. When you get better and can freemount learn basic riding skills like 1 ft riding, hopping in place, idling, etc. These will help you have better control, and you can go from there.

hah, i have another question. i hope i’m not bothering you. i literally just found out about this sport, and i have been reading some posts in the forum. this may sound dumb, but what are the references to the parts of the unicycle? i understand the basics…um, seat, wheel, pedals, but what are the names to the other parts that i should be aware of?

from the top down:
seat cover, seat handle, rear bumper, seat foam, stiffener plate, seatbase, seatpost, clamp, frame, bearings, hub, crank arms, pedals, spokes, eyelets, spoke nipples, rim, rimstrip, tube, tire.

Some of these parts have sub-parts. For example, Kris Holm moment crank arms have an insert that holds the pedal, rather than screwing the pedal directly into the crank. Most metal pedals can get replacement pins. Lots of parts are held in with bolts. Some axles are manufactured separately from the rest of the hub. Older unicycles may have cotter pins. Different parts of some parts have different names, for example, the crown of the frame.

thanks so much for the anatomy of my unicycle. i think my favorite is the spoke nipples.

The worst part of your uni, I think, is that it probably does have cotter pins.
if there’s a hole in the side by the axle with a pin going through it like this:

You probably need a new uni. If there’s just a bolt going directly into a square axle like this:

then you might want a new unicycle anyways, but it’s not as urgent as you won’t have to worry about cotter pins shearing and all that.

Don’t worry about it until you either get better or break it, though.
Also, that seat might get uncomfortable fairly quickly.

Mine too.

Anyways, just practice a little bit. Everything from when you first learned will quickly come back to you, and hopefully you will start to like street or trials. There not many girls out there who do trials and street. You could help push the part along.

But yeah, welcome to the forums. You can ask any question about anything here, but please search before doing so. For the most part, your question has been asked and answered at least 10 times already but if you still are having troubles, then feel free to bump an older thread or create your own.

Hey Jerrick, are those your lips in your new user picture? :wink:

Welcome to the forums Lizzy, the best advice anyone can give you is to practice, practice and practice some more.

pretty much covered… its funny, i have one of those unicycles (20") sitting right behind me, and i was about to make a post about where to get the tires for it, yours is universal though, you can get any 24" tire when you need a new one.

Hi lizzy,
Nice to see a girl pick up the unicycle. not going to lie i think its really funny how many post you have gotten over the last few hours…

I have watched countless new guy riders post “I’m New” thread and watch them go completely unnoticed.

But everyone seems to jump at the site of a female :stuck_out_tongue:

I would recommend going to the Video Forum and watching some videos… thats how i feel i get the best ideas for trying or learning new or standard trick and riding skills.

Welcome and i hope it doesn’t get too addicting :wink:


just keeping falling and getting back one then one day something will click and you’ll rarely ever fall off. keep have fun don’t think of it as practice think of it as FUN :slight_smile: bye

wahay, another female unicyclist! :slight_smile:

ya It’s alway nice to see new ppl get into unicycling especially Girls because There aren’t many girls here

awww… Is someone lonely?

you guy’s need to make every post sound wrong :frowning:
That post didn’t come from being lonely;)

Edit: It’s also nice to have different perspective cuz all you guy’s say the same thing

i know it is like a sausage fest in here.

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