hey im new to unicycling

and i was just wondering if anyone has any tips. for me to help get started.

Practice practice practice! Also lean forward and pedal =p…

thanks for the tip. will do.

Dudewithasock made this journal that should help you along. It wil help you see how you are progressing and explain obstacles other learning unicyclists encounter and how to over come them.


Welcome to the forums and good luck learning to ride!

Everyone has different ways that they learn and they all learn at different rates. Number one rule: don’t get frustated and give up. Once you learn it’ll be the most fun thing you’ve ever done. I learned by clinging to the fence at a local tennis court 'til I got the feel for it. Eventually I could let go and ride but it took me a real long time. Some people say the best way is to have a couple of friends walk along side you so you can hold on to their arms for balance 'til you get the feel for it. Try different stuff depending on what’s available to you. Good luck and welcome to the forums.

So did mill_mobile :smiley: :smiley: Here’s the link.

Also welcome to Unicyclist.com stephanie lauver. You’re going to meet the most kindest and helpful people on this site and that includes me of course. :smiley: So have fun and if you’re stuck on something about unicycling. You know maintenance, parts, buying, cost of stuff, etc. Feel free to ask me or anyone else on this forum as i’m pretty sure, you’ll get a response. Because we were all newbies at some point too and we all needed help. :smiley: :smiley:

Take care, have fun and welcome to the world of unicycling. :smiley:


Welcome! All the advice above is sound. Whatever you do don’t be discouraged if it seems difficult at first. If you are 15 you should find you learn really fast. I was more than twice your age when I learnt and do you know the best thing? Learning is fun but actually being able to ride is brilliant. I thought once I could ride I might get bored and be over the novelty of it but NO! There is always something new to try and I get a buzz everytime I ride. It is fantastic.

Good luck


I definitely agree with you on all that Tet. :smiley:

hey everybody
thanks for all the advice. i am really feeling welcome. and when i do get some questions i’ll be sure to ask.


As long as they’re not difficult long-division math questions.

Practice as much as possible,

Lean forward (more than you would expect),

Try holding a wheely bin or something and see how far away from it you can ride,

Don’t give up, there will be times when you feel like quitting but don’t, everyone can learn eventually.

Practice on something smooth. Some people practice on grass, thinking it will hurt less if they fall, but it is easier to ride on tarmac or something else that is smooth.

Keep Practicing!!


Welcome… good advice above…

Also… try to keep as much weight as possible on the seat and not on the pedals… Look up… don’t look at the wheel or your feet. Try to look several meters out in front of where yer going… And also… try to relax.

When I was learning, I would actually tell myself Look up… weight in the seat, relax… and then go.

And finally, like others have said… don’t give up… keep at it… It took me almost 3 weeks before I could ride across the parking lot at a park near my house…


use a unicycle… it tends to make things a bit more difficult though:)