Hey everyone

Hi guys I’m new here! I am thinking about buying my first unicycle. My friend has one but he’s also a beginner so he ain’t a good source of knowledge. That’s why I came here :smiley:

Hey Johandoot, while thinking I went to a market and spontaneously bought a 2nd hand unicycle for 12 Euros. That reserved more time to get a real one :slight_smile:

Hi Johan,

Welcome and sure you’ll find a lot of enjoyment learning to unicycle!

There are many to choose from but to start most will do, so getting something inexpensive to learn may mean you that you can afford to get a better one once you’ve developed an idea of what types of unicycling you enjoy most.

You might read through this recent thread where someone was similarly seeking advice:

Also, what does your friend have, and (assuming they’ve let you try it a little) how does that feel compared to what you’d like? Were you able to get the seat to a comfortable height?

Until you find one, you could always alternate with your friend.
When you first start riding, most people forget/are too “scared” to sit down properly on the seat.
This of course causes leg fatigue, which can be cured by taking turns with a buddy.
Another advantage is cheering each other on, offering advice etc:)