Hey Everyone!! New Uni Movies

hey everyone there is a new movie of me riding my uni and two pics, they are on my site:
tell me what you think of my skillz

very 404

You can say that again.

sorry but whats 404 mean?

does the website work or does it not? its hosted out of my house so it will alwasy work for me could someone please tell me?

404 means this

brianwood.homeunix.net’s :80 does work, but /nicksphotos can’t be found there.

Re: Hey Everyone!! New Uni Movies

I think you made a typo when entering the url. it is nickphotos, rather than nicksphotos, so anyway, this link should workhttp://brianwood.homeunix.net/nickphotos/

next time post it as a link (using the http:// button) and check to make sure it works.