heres an easy one

i feel stupid… a uni = unicycle right
so does a muni= a mountain unicycle

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Muni is a transit system in San Francisco. It’s a lot of fun to muni in San Francisco. :slight_smile:

Yup, muni here means mountain unicycling. For more about the orgins check out the FAQ at

I explained that to one of my fellow workers. He took one look at the 3.0 Gazz on my MUni and said MUni should stand for MONSTER Unicycle

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eatfood11 wrote:
> i feel stupid… a uni = unicycle right
> so does a muni= a mountain unicycle

Correct. Muni is also used for describing the ride itself- as in, “I
went for a Muni ride yesterday”. There was also a proposal to call
trials unicycling, “tuni” which seemed to be regarded negatively by the
group, so it’s still referred to as “trials”.



Yup, you are correct.

I still think tuni is the best way to describe trails uni. “Trials?” pffft. Not unique enough.

I’ve got nothing against the idea of trials and freestyle (fruni?) having their own names but i just don’t like the sound of tuni or fruni (I’ve heard that one before). On the other hand muni just works so well and sounds really good.


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Please, let’s not bring up that aweful “T” word again!

Besides being a noun (my MUni) and an adjective (a MUni ride), MUni can also be used as an intransitive verb – as in “I MUni”.

Where’s Your Other Wheel,
uni57 (Dave)

What’s the best way to write muni riding…is it muni-ing? Or muniing?