Here we go again.

Not true, the qu-ax aluminum frame is made for 42mm OD bearings and is 100mm wide. The KH ISIS is both 42mm OD and 100mm wide.

what are the weight differences in the DX’s frame and the Numbus 1 and 2 frames, because when mine breaks im prolly going to get the 2, but what is the weight on 1 just in case.

Saving up my money for the Nimbus 2 frame right now, they fit eachother the DX, with the Nimbus 2, right.

What are the strength differences with Nimbus 2, to Torker DX frame? And will my seat post fit in the frame???

I don’t know if it really makes much of a difference, but to learn a 360 unispin I had been practicing on my DX and could easily land 180 unispins. I desided to trie on a KH and landed my first one. I think he weight of the KH helped me spin the uni faster to get the movement and technique, but now I can land 360s just as easily on my DX.

My DX weighs 15.25 pounds.

Trimmed seat foam, and Jim Cielencki’s.

Coolness factor

KH parts look better in the same way better bicycle or motorcycle parts look better. Better materials and construction makes the parts look better.:slight_smile:
All good riders, in all sports, strive to cheat as much as their wallet will allow, to make their ride as strong and light as possible. Other then your ride quality, all you got is talent :sunglasses: .
Considering this reality, the KH is the only way to go now. Paying 100 or so dollars less for a 2 lb. heavier uni is just so lame in so many ways. It’s more then just the lbs. It is the way the lbs. are there.
The KH uni’s are not expensive at all, considering what it must cost to build it. And it looks every bit as cool as a top dollar bike !:smiley:

It would surely cost a lot more to make your bike 80% of its current weight, too. And you would immediately notice the difference.

2.8 lbs of uni weight is not the same as 2.8 lbs of body weight. You are used to moving your body around, however big it is. The unicycle is something extra and it is easier to move around and generally feels less sluggish when it gets lighter. The same is true on mountain bikes as I’m sure you know.

So if you have the money, yes, the weight savings and coolness factor are worth the $200 IMHO.

When you unispins you arn’t moving your body weight around, you are moving the uni’s.