Here we go again.

Weight: Torker DX vs KH Trials (both ’06 and 20”)

I know there have been thousands of threads about both of these Uni’s and yes I have searched them, but:

Has anyone actually weighed either of these unicycles (as they come, stock from UDC)?

I would like to know the exact weight difference. I have seen 13 lb for the Torker on other threads, but that seemed like a guess.

Based on my riding ability, I am going to work under the assumption that I will not break either of these. Would the weight savings + “coolness factor” alone be worth $200?

Ok, according to the KH website the 05 trials weighs 12 lb (5.7 kg). And the frame alone weighs 586g.

I am guessing the DX is over 13 lbs.

I don’t know. How much is it worth to you to be cool? :sunglasses:

Keep in mind, if you start buying unicycles, you will have to buy a house to put them in. :wink:

I think these are fairly accurate.

Trials weigh in:
'05 KH - 12 lbs
'05 Onza - 13.22 lbs
'05 Qu Ax - 14.44 lbs
'06 Torker DX - 14.80 lbs
Summit - 14.87 lbs
Koxx Red Devil - 14.12 lbs

i didnt know the koxx ones were that heavy! i thought they were light!

Thanks, that helps a lot. The DX is a tank compaired to the KH. And presumably, the KH is stronger.

its only 2.8 pound heavier… just loose 2.8 pounds of fat, then it will be the same… and just work out ur hand and arm for 2 hours, then its all the same.

I bet I can fit at least 2 more uni’s in my closet!

Yeah it doesnt seem like a lot, but the KH only weights 80% of what the DX does. It would cost me over $1K to drop 3 lb of my mountain bike.

Weight is no problem, I can easily lug my 15 pound Torker DX up stairs, rocks, ledges, benches, its easy, you just gotta get stronger and have good technique.

Koxx-One Devil weights 12.56 lbs

why do you care so much about weight? you should care more about how good stuff is.

like, the nimbus 2/ koxx frames are heavier, but I like them because you have a bigger place to put your foot, but you can bang your knees on them. its such a small difference in weight too I dont really think its worth spending extra for the kh frame. I can also hop just as high, and do almost all the same tricks, practically as easily, on my friends dx, vs my kh 20 06

If I were to rebuy my unicycle right now, it would be like this.

koxx seat with CF base
KH cromo post
hoffman soul mate pedals
bedford 20 by 3 frame
kh 07 wheel
monty eagle claw tire

sure, it would be heavier than a stock kh, but that would just make you stronger.

I can do Treyflips and other stuff on my DX, its a great uni, though ive never ridden a KH in my life, wonder how much of a difference, because where the weight is on the uni is important to, the cranks make a huge difference, how light are they, how fast do they spin for crankflips, does the frame have a crown good for coasting gliding one foot wheel walking ect…

wht are the weights for the KH on those, compared to the DX, I’ve heard the Kh has like 2ce the weight on its cranks making them spin much faster.

Upgrading my DX frame to the Nimbus II frame made my uni lighter than my friends Stock Qu_Ax. Go weight savings! lol

Is the Nimbus 2 frame stronger than the Qu-ax frame and/or Torker DX frame?

well, its stronger than the dx frame, but it is very similar to the qu_ax frame.

oh yeah, since I can’t edit my post, Id get an aluminum qu_ax frame

Where can you get those? I’ve never seen one.

then you wouldn’t be able to use an isis hub. that qu-ax frame only fits qu-ax hubs&cranks.

how so?