Ok been riding a year,

i have a 20" wheel,

i can nearly free mount all the time

i can go in straight lines for at least 500m


i cant turn!

might be my wheel size but i cant turn when i did i badly hurt myself by falling off!

some tips would be great,


Nothing to do with your wheelsize, almost everyone learns on a 20". As you’re riding in a straight line just try leaning slightly to the left (assuming you’re right handed) and let the uni drift over that way very gently. The more you practise the more tightly you’ll be able to turn.


cheers i can see where you are coming from on that hah ill go try now and get back to you,

thanks =]


i cant do it still lol been trying for ages i tried leaning but i either fall or grab the wall

firstly don’t hold on to the seat when your turning. secondly don’t ride near a wall… find a nice open paved area and ride in that. thirdly don’t lean your whole body just lean your unicycle make sure your upper body stays at a 90 degree angle to the ground (straight up and down). also you can swivel turn which is like it sounds and is all in hips. number five… practice practice practice… ride at least an hour a day and you will have it no problem.
if you need anymore advice pm me as i have been teaching people how to unicycle professionally for… 2 to 3 years

I am 50 years old and can ride over 50 meters and can turn around on a tenis court. I can curb mount, but not always. I have only mounted once using a small rock. I am learning on a 24" SUN. When I ride I get a burning sensation on my legs, like I am really putting a lot of effort on the legs to balance. That’s what causes me to stop riding. I also read, that after you ride 30 meters you can ride as far as you want. It’s not the case with me, I still feel I can fall anytime, and sometimes I do. Will it finally click one day and I will feel confortable and ride as far as I want? Will that pain in my legs go away once I learn to ride more? Thanks in advance.

but all your weight on your seat. it sounds like you are trying to stand up while you ride.

That unicycle if fine for learning on.

I’m 49, started 2 months ago

And I can ride for miles, on 20, 24 or 36 " My advice, to relax and go far is :

  1. Confidence , how can you have it without wrist wraps? I have deep gouges in mine. I have strong arms, that save my knees. If it was cooler here I might wear my leg armour. Always wear wrist wraps. You know you will fall soon ! How can you relax ! :astonished:
  2. Choose a good place to ride, low traffic, with lots of walls and stuff to help climb up on the dahm thing.
  3. Don’t bother with free mounting. What’s the point in learning 2 things at once ? I figured I might hurt myself. Or land strange on my crotch. I plan to learn to ride real good first.
    About leg pain :
  4. Make sure your seat is not to low.
  5. Consider getting a 24 " . It has a higher natural cruising speed, that makes it easier to pedal and balance for a beginner.
  6. Just ignore leg pain. Trust me, it will soon enough be replaced with ass pain. Leg pain is better ! Count your blessing !:slight_smile:
    Seriously though, for me it just went away after about a month of riding every afternoon.
    To turn: Wave your arms in the air and pick wide turns to start. I am still learning this one. Gradually I have learned to put some twist in it. I can turn the 36 around on small streets most of the time now. It keeps getting better. I say, find a fun place to ride and don’t worry about it. Turning will just come.:wink:

For a sharp turn, time the turn to be with the down stroke of the pedal on the side that you’re turning towards.

For a more gradual turn, lean. That’s lean the unicycle, not just yourself. Don’t be afraid of falling off. On a 20" you will only be going at a brisk walking pace.

I haven’t ridden my 20" for a few months. With 125mm cranks, I used to practice trying to catch the pedal on the floor - the unicyclist’s equivalent of a motorcyclist “getting his knee down”.

gatatape, try to turn your body to a side while riding. BTW,you’ll get it, because i,ve done it for a schoolyer and i’m already jumping curbs going backwars jumping obstacle and 180s and other stuff. I promise you if you dont give up you’ll win. :sunglasses:

here’s what i suggest for sharp turns:

Honestly, I suggest you go to a very populated ice skating rink. no joke this worked for me. if you are serious about learning, make sure it is a populated ice skating rink, that way there are more people to avoid crashing into. you must notice that to avoid sliding and turning, you will need to keep ur balance, and just shift your body to the side.

go for about an hour for 2 days. when you get on your uni (preferably the next day) try to just stop and shift ur butt to the side u want to turn to, like you would if u were in the ice skating rink.

this helped me a whole bunch. i discovered this when i was goin with my GF.