ok i recently bought a unicycle at a yardsale. I know not the best way to get started but i figured since i have never even sat on one i should go cheap to see how it is my problem I love playing on the thing i havent gotten very far in my progress. so far all i can do is sit on it and do little sprints forwards and backwards while holding on to the problem is that even when i do the little sprint thingies on it i have discovered that it is extremely hard to peddle forwards but backwards is a i wont lie this unicycle looks like a cheap one and i’m not “little” by no means. i’m good sized (like 285pds) so i know that it is stress on the cycle. so my question is what can i do to fix this one or what is a good cheap cycle just to get started on? also i have read that when you go to take off your feet shouldn’t be in the 6 and 12 position but if i try my feet in any other positions the thing just flies out from under me. please help me i think the unicycle could be something that i end up love doing if i could just get started. thanks in advane for all of your help and advice. J-Jo

try getting new bearings

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Identify first if it is a bearing problem. When you spin the wheel while holding the uni, is it hard to spin forward, or is it just hard to ride forward and it’s a problem with the rider’s skill. You need a free spinning wheel to learn without immense difficulty.

Check this thread out. It is a nice log of someone learning to ride.
Keep us posted with your progress, and welcome to the world on one wheel!

Well I learned on a Norco 20" Unicycle and im 230lbs. My unicycle has taken a beating and a half from me and its still in great condition. Maybe you just need more practice.

thanks everyone for all the responses!!! another question. what is a free spinning wheel? this site has been so much help already

A freespinning wheel is just a wheel that turns with little or no effort. If your wheel turns but is al crunchy and wierd its not free spinning. if your wheel spins smoothly and with not slow spots then it is freespinning.