I was wondering if one of the jugglers on the list could direct me in the
way of a juggling mailing list. My (very limited) usnet provider doesn’t
have rec.juggling so I need to search other routes for access to the online
juggling community. Is there an e-mail list like the unicycling list for
juggling? and if so how can I get connected? I looked through “Juggler’s
World” to no avail so I am using this as a last resort. Hope you can help!

Karl Frankowski, Madfest Unicycling Director Jan 12-14, Madison WI.
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Re: Help?!? (KF) writes:

KF> My (very limited) usnet provider doesn’t have rec.juggling so I need to
KF> search other routes for access to the online juggling community.

The rec.juggling FAQ answers this question, though I imagine you might have a
tough time finding a copy if you can’t access the newsgroup. Here’s an easy way:

You can obtain a copy of the FAQ by sending e-mail to, with
FILE-SERVICE as the subject and SEND FAQ.txt in the body. These commands are
case sensitive.

Here are some snippets from the sections most relevant to your problem.

  1. Is there a news to mail gateway for rec.juggling?

    Yes, send a message to with the text of the
    message reading:

    subscribe juggling <Your Name>

You absolutely must check the Juggling Information Service, which contains an
astounding amount of information. If you have WWW access, just jump right to

If you don’t, you can use the email gateway.
>From the rec.juggling FAQ:

If you do not have access to WWW, you can interact with the JIS via several
e-mail gateway services. The news service provides the ability to search and
retrieve rec.juggling posts from the beginning of the newsgroup to the
present. For information on using this service, send e-mail to
with NEWS-SERVICE in the Subject and HELP in the body of the message.

In particular, the following informative posts may be retrieved by sending
e-mail to with NEWS-SERVICE in the Subject and commands in the
body of the form “SEND message-id”, where message-id’s are chosen from the
following list:

Message-ID Subject 2pvd3t$3e9@hijinks.hal.COM Juggling Information Service,
intro 2qj1ik$kfo@hijinks.hal.COM Juggling Info Service, progress report
2qmar5$1te@hijinks.hal.COM JIS, rec.juggling archives progress
2qp646$br5@hijinks.hal.COM telnet access to WWW and the JIS
2r53hm$kt1@hijinks.hal.COM more progress at the JIS
2sbi55$mcb@hijinks.hal.COM some usage statistics for the JIS
2sc42n$os2@hijinks.hal.COM new JIS Home Page Service
2sd4hd$rsm@hijinks.hal.COM WWW access 2tdem1$su9@hijinks.hal.COM E-mail
access to rec.juggling 2uvkaq$r2j@hijinks.hal.COM complete e-mail access to
the JIS 30uclf$f5n@hijinks.hal.COM new videos at the JIS
37smg1$mh3@hijinks.hal.COM Archive site ?? 389ifq$ofc@hijinks.hal.COM FTP
access to the JIS 3ks5s6$6nu@hijinks.hal.COM new JIS search tool now
available 3mf4qh$l6l@hijinks.hal.COM new juggling software available