i have bought a magura hs11 brake to put on my nimbus muni, but i have just realised it said “firm tech”

will this still fit my muni?


help anyone? i need a answer before the guy posts it?

i dont think so fuirm teck normally ,means its a diffrent mountiong system to those on the unis sorry dude

i think i will wait for it to come and if i cant get it to fit then i will send it back :slight_smile:

Shippy: You are correct. Firm Tech slave cylinders won’t fit your unicycle mounting bolts. You should try to change the order right away. The lever part will work just fine, but the slave cylinders look like this and won’t fit your unicycle mounting bolts at all:

In fact firm tech brakes will only fit a handfull of firm tech forks made by Magura. Baffling but true: Magura has the firmtech mount design and fabrication so locked up that they shot them selves in the foot (in the market share department) by not providing the technical specs on how to build the mounts to the custom bike frame community. As a result firmtech brake riders are a rare group.

thanks for this, i have contacted the seller just before he sent it out :slight_smile: