Help woth pellets!

i dont know if is written pellets or pallets, still i want to get some to start advance with my trials, but where can i get them? did u guys buy them??

Thanks all

I have the same problem. My dad obtained some extras lying around where he works. My friend found some on craigslist for free. I guess you have to keep your eye out for some.
Oh don’t buy them from places like home depot and Lowes. They were 12 bucks (USD) each. :confused:

go to your local lumber yard and ask if they have any they are getting rid of… I have access to a ton of them for free. I just have to pick them up.

thats what i will do! thanks a lot!

Wow nice tip on the craigslist.

Just looked it up, and there’s 8 ads with the word pallets in the title, for free pallets

Yep - same here. Thanks for the tip.

There are free ones around, but I’m tired of semi-broken pallets and mismatched sizes. I found a place in town that sells new ones for $4.25 each. I’m going to get those instead.