Help with Triton/Spirit disc brake install

I am setting my 29er up with a disc brake to expand its capabilities and i have run into a little issue. Its a Triton frame with right side disc mount so i bought a set of sprits and slapped a brake on but the caliper is not lining up with the Adaptor. I plan to simply shim the adaptor off the frame but wanted to see if i was missing anything obvious first.

Can you get your crank on further on the hub?

But yes, for now, shimming the adaptor off frame the frame is what I’d look at.

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The disc and screws are already pretty close to the frame so even if i could it wouldn’t be enough to make up the difference i need

is there a caliper with more adjustment or a thicker adaptor? this is a MountainUni era frame so did the MountainUni/sinz cranks setup have to be shimmed also?

@jogi, do you know anything about it?

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no issue for me, I’m probably using very common 6mm spacer

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Interesting, when you say 6 mm spacer you’re referring to the crank spacer correct?

If you use 4 or 8mm you’ll have very Big problems to fit your caliper

Ok thanks, will check my spacers to see if they are 6mm