Help with the seet wrap and idleing.

Here is a video of me doing a seet wrap

and here is one of me idleing.

I would realy apreaceat any constructive criticism.

For the seat wrap, hold the seat by the handle in front and make sure your feet are planted good on the craanks. Also you should probably get more consistent with leg wraps and maybe learn them with the other way. For learning seatwraps, some people recommend doing half of one, so you are hopping seat in back, and then doing the other half. I never did this. It might help also if you just hold onto something and get used to the motions of the seat wrap.

For the idling, it looks like you can idle pretty well, I’m not sure what your problem is :thinking:

Do you want to do leg wraps or seat wraps?

It looks like you’re trying to do a leg wrap, not sure why you’re calling it a seat wrap…
But in any case, for leg wraps, I’d recommend getting side-mounts down first, basically a leg wrap where you start dismounted and as you mount, wrap your leg from the back of the uni around to the front and onto the pedal.
When you’re learning leg wraps, make sure you’re leaning more over the unicycle, I would always fall off from behind. Kind of push the unicycle away from the leg that stays on the crank as you’re doing the wrap, it helps you keep your balance better.

Other than that, just practice.

And your idles look fine to me.

I think he wants to do a seat wrap, he did a leg wrap at 0:57.

I never really understood the difference between a seat wrap an a leg wrap (if any). Could someone clear that up for me? :slight_smile:

A leg wrap just goes around one leg, a seat wrap goes around both. After you get it around the first leg, you switch the seat into the other hand when the seat is in back, and then do another backwards leg wrap sorta thing to get the seat back in front.

Thanx fore the coments i want to do a seet wrap.
i was curios as to, when i so the wrap with my right leg i pout my left toe on the cranc and my heel on the pedal. This meens when it roles away my foot stopps it but how do i do it if the foot i am standing on is further away. the uni always starts to role away.