Help with seat drops

I’m looking for help with SEAT DROPS. I believe that’s what they’re called when you drop the seat in front of you at about a 45 degree angle without touching anything with your hands. Am I right?

They look pretty cool in some videos I’ve seen and they seem kind of rare. I’ve searched this forum and couldn’t find anything on them. I bet there is something here though and I just can’t find it. If you could point me in the right direction or give me any tips it’d be a lot of help.

Ohhh, and I HAVE checked out “” already but they only really gave me a paragraph on it. It was helpful, but I’m looking for more. :slight_smile:

Which part of the seat drop are you having trouble with? Post some more details and i can help you.

first of all, go to a wall. that rhymed. using a wall is like the best way to learn almost any unicycle skill. so, hold the wall, and with the cranks horizontal, put both of your feet on the crank arms, right up against the frame. tilt your front foot in a bit, so it’s almost touching the spokes/rim of the unicycle, or maybe it is even. then, drop the seat. your front foot will catch it. lean your front foot forward, so the crank arms aren’t quite horizontal anymore, they’re a little bit down in front. then quickly pull your front foot back up, to kick the frame back up. then catch it, hop back on the pedals, and ride off!

I’ve actually never even tried it yet. I have to use the excuse that’s it’s too dark here right now. I just thought about it now and am looking for tips on how to try it tomorrow. Who knows, maybe I’ll get it on my first try. But yeah, just general practicing tips like what James_Potter posted was what I’m looking for right now. Thanks!!

Heres what i know about seat drops.

  1. Hop while standing on the cranks with the seat in front.
  2. Drop the seat.

When you drop the seat make sure your foot is in the way to catch the frame. Rolling the wheel forward a little helps too. Try just dropping the seat a little bit at first and then work you way to where you can drop it very far down.

  1. Kick the seat back up or grab it with your hand.

Try grabbing it with your hand at first and then when you get better kick it up. To kick it up roll the wheel forwards a little when you drop it and then roll it back.

Hope this helps.
Here is a picture of me doing a seat drop with the seat almost touching the ground.

EDIT: holding on to a wall at first helps alot to, so you can get used to it. Good luck.


Man, that’s a pretty impressive pic Skate4Flip. At first glance I thought that was a seat drag. But yeah, that’s just a really low seat drop. Looks great! Thanks for the advice.

I’ve never hopped while standing on the cranks before. Is it any different/harder?

hopping on the cranks isnt much harder just different. You have a little more stability. Try hopping seat in standing on the cranks first. You could hold on to a wall with one hand and then hop with the other to get used to it.

Another variation of the seat drop is frame hopping (i think thats the name). You do a seat drop (or just let the seat fall all the way to the ground) and then you grab the tyre and pull up and start hopping like that. Im working on it but i havent landed one yet.

how would you go about flipping it up with your foot? I haven’t figured out how to do this yet, though I’ve gotten decent about grabbing the seat.

do you just roll backwards or something? I can’t get it to work. maybe ti would work better on a trials than on my MUni…

it’s more of a kick…I used to be really really good at them, but I haven’t done 'em much in a while. what was easiest for me at first is don’t let it sit there for a while, just drop it and instantly kick it back up. it looks like it bounces off your foot kinda.
basically you have the wheel rolled forward a little bit, then when the seat is on your foot, roll the wheel backwards and also kick up with the front of your foot to throw it back towards you. its not too hard…just takes practice.

all right… roll AND kick… OK.

I’ll try it once the docs say my collarbone is better.