Help with Reverse Grinding

I can only grind with my hind pedal.I can crank grind medal ledges with 90 something % success. I’ve worked on riding forward and 180ing to a crank stall. Next I want to learn reverse grinding.

I’ve tried it a few times but it seems impossible. If I land with my weight on my pedal my toe jams onto the ledge and I stop dead, if I put my weight onto the hub end of the crank it sides super fast out from under me and I crash(nearly face planting ever time).

Does anyone have experience with back wards grinding with the hind foot? What is some advice that might help me. A video clip would be nice… What should I focus on?

… It seems that none of the good riders use the hind pedal for pedal grabs or grinds. Is this true, and why?

you have to crouch more or put your weight before the uni

I’m not sure what you mean… :slight_smile:

I don’t know what you mean by “good rider” but I can manage 3+ ft pedal grabs with my hind pedal, and I also grind with my hind crank / pedal.

It’s just a matter of preference… gravity doesn’t care about what pedal you grab with, or which direction you hop… it treats you the same.

It’s just a comfort issue. I can grind both but I’d preffer to grind with my left foot (the forward one).

Brian Lungren grinds back pedal im not sure how he fake grinds though. My brother also grinds back pedal and he is pretty good at boxes when his foot isnt broken.

alex toms grinds with his back pedal.

… i do too!

I would think grinding with the rear pedal would be easier on surfaces with varying friction levels (wood), or weren’t entirely smooth. If the pedal was in front and you hit a rough spot or slight bump the pedal would want to rotate around the axle, unsettling your ballance.

Anyone concure or disagree? Why?

I would think so… I cant grind yet but i think ill do better with back pedal (which happend to be my right)

I grind back pedal. I have only hit an 8 though, so its not like im a “good rider”. Hmm, watch some of my videos to see how i do it? Ha, I don’t know.


youv’e only hit an eight :roll_eyes:
thats about 8 more than most people can hit.

Although I would say Kelly is being rather modest saying he isn’t a good rider (he definatly is an awesome rider), I think 8 is becoming the new norm in terms of big sets. I can comfortably do most 8 sets now and we are often seeing people do ten sets now, I think some people have even done 12. I probably won’t ever be doing anything more than a 10, as even an 8 is still plenty high, but I don’t see why people can’t do more.

Actualy now that I think about it Kelly has probably the nicest backwards grinds I have ever seen.

Edit: I just realized you were talking about grinding 8 sets, now thats just insane, especialy if you are doing em backwards. Big ups to anyone pulling that kind of stuff off, the most I have ever done forward is a 6 and I kinda cheated and just did a static jump into a grind on it :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it makes little difference. However, I think it may be easier to get to slanted rails when you grind with the front pedal; you don’t have to jump quite as high or far.

Well, kelly urs are rlly smooth for some unknown reasons lol. The way I do it is lean forward like ur gonna face plant and when u feel it pulling u down lean back so u dont actually face plant… and I suggest to start on a low skatepark ledge…unless ur hardcore :slight_smile:

Thanks guys…

I checked out KH’s “best of” vids, you just make it look so simple. Do you have any longer backward grinds on vid? I may give Maxxis technique a try, but I love my face too much to commit…

I don’t really care who is a “good rider” it was just that the majority of riders seem to use the front foot. But KH and a bunch of others seem to show that it doesn’t make much of a difference.

My problem is: If I lean back so I slide my toe jams and I stop, if I don’t lean I land and don’t grind. If I take the weight off the pedal and put the main weight on the crank, it slides way too fast and there is no way to control it?

maestro8 helped me out on regular grinds, but backward seems totally different because I don’t know how to control the grind. Still does anyone have advice on what to focus on when backward grinding…

backwards grind on video from apadoxhr

here you can see apadoxhr doing two grinds backwards :slight_smile: