Help with getting feet off of the pedals

Ok, so right now I’m trying to learn how to unispin, and crankflip, but I am having a lot of trouble getting my feet off of the pedals to land the trick. I don’t know if it’s the little pegs on my pedals that’s making things harder, or what. Here is a couple of pictures of my pedals. Sorry about the bad photo quality.

Please, anyone?

I am having BIG troubles of getting my feet off the pedals too.

But I think that’s due to my fears and not pedals pins.
Proof: those who can do it have even bigger pins than those of mine.

I think it has nothing to do with the pedals, you might just want to try to jump harder and push off the pedals with more force

Ok, I’ll try that! I’m trying to learn how to 180 unispin right now, so I hope I can finally get my feet of the pedals!

Before learning the 180 unispin try “simple” no-footers. Just jump up off your pedals while keeping the uni stationary, then land back on the pedals. Try getting your feet as high and your legs as wide as possible before snapping back onto the pedals. You can do this both stationary and moving slowly.

If you get really good you will be able to get your feet over your seat! Then, if you are like Tony Torchia, do it with no hands. :astonished:

Thanks! I’ll try that!

Pegs are meant to improve grip on the pedals. They will keep your feet from moving left and right while on the pedal, but you should have no problem moving up and down. You just have to commit or you’ll never get your feet off the pedals. Good luck!

I don’t think the problem has anything to do with how hard you jump or even necessarily with fear. To put it simply, you are most likely pulling the unicycle up with you when you jump. When practicing unispins, make sure the unicycle stays on the ground and only your feet move upwards.

Hope this helps. Good luck practicing!

Thanks! I think that this is what my problem is. When I try to do a no-footer, I lift my unicycle off the ground. Maybe if I just try harder to keep it on the ground…

I also learned that I’ll need some KH Percussion Leg armor, for my shins. I tryed to do a no footer, and my left foot landed behind my pedal, causing my pedal to slam into my shin. Haha, I guess that’s the best type of hair remover, is unicycling.

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Sorry, never mind about posting this. Haha, I never saw the new articles and tutorials section.

Thanks HYDR8, this is something I am also working on at the moment. Great feed back, thanks everybody.