help w/ riding down stairs....

so i used the search feature… and i didnt find anything.
so if ur gonna burn me, just forget it.

how are you supposed to ride down stairs?
just lean forward and dont stop pedaling?

i wanted to try. but it was a 9 set. and i didnt feel like rolling to the bottom before i at least knew how to do it

I have a strange phobia of stairs:D
It’s ok for 3-4 sets, but anything more scares me. :o

Start off small, progress unto big. Lean forward, pull up on the saddle and go for it. Stairsets are usually easier than they look.

thats right i only started doin stair sets at the end of this weeeek and i can now do an 8 set on southport front its just about having the ballll to do it i found it was easy to use the same technique as if you were riding down a hill i lean back slightly and just pedel loads.

i always thought riding dorn stars was hard, i tried it a few times going realy slow and found it hard tthen i tried it on a 2 set going faster and thought it was easy so i tried a 5 set and now i no its easy just take some weight off the seat, stand a littl hold the seat and ride, easy

Going at a decently fast pace does make it easier, but being able to do it slower is good anyways.

You could do what I do and just ride fast at sets as long as they aren’t bigger then a 5-set and just fly over it, no jumping, just the speed carries you over the stairs.

I wan’t to learn but I have one problem:
no stairs

I’ve got same problem, but when I travel I can ride down stairs. :slight_smile: Riding down stairs isn’t very hard. If you’re scared at first time take support from rail and try it that way.

once uni is fixed I’ll ask mum if I can run away to guildford :wink:

yeah i did a 4 set and i found it to be SUPER easy. i guess the next step for me is a 9 set. cuz i dont know of anything in between.:o

just to help you with your maths :wink:

i tryed to ride over some stairs and my i got hit in the balls by the seat :astonished: don’t really know what i did wrong tho :roll_eyes: i guess i’ll have to try again :smiley:

mmmmmk i think ill figure it out. i guess it takes some practice, and a lot of pads!:smiley:

now does anyone know how to ride down a quarter pipe? :roll_eyes:

all i can say is just do it!

Think the most i’ve ever ridden was a 12 set (apart from a double set of more than 20, 2 sets both 10+, shallow easy steps though)
Its not really that hard but you do end up going at a fair speed and it does depend on the steepness of steps etc.
I started on a big set but just the bottom few then when I felt more confident started from the next step up and so on until I could ride the full set.

i think the biggest stair set I’ve ridden is a 20+ stair but there was a 6 set above it and then the 20 stair then an 8 stair. that took a really long time to get, all I can say is just bomb down it as fast as you are comfortable going, if you go fast enough it’s just like a really bumpy hill, if you go too slow you’ll get bounced off, or suddenly stop mid set and just fall off, either ending up falling on the stairs or running down them. I’ve never been hurt going down stairs (well except the few times I’ve racked myself.)

Hold on and prey.

All I have done is a 6 stair but I am thinking of trying a 26 cause that is all I have to ride. Im scared of hurting my but or rist. I hope I dont die

does it matter if i ride a 20 inch or a bigger one unicycle?