Help: Tucking Fail. [Trials]

Hey peeps, I’m having trouble tucking while doing SIF. It’s really hard for me to get low. When I tuck, I really just have my crotch at top of saddle level. (which would be fine, if i was trying stuff SI). I think my prolonged experience with SI has carried over to SIF, since all i’m doing is folding like i would when doing SI sidehops. Anyway, anyone know anything i can do that can help me be able to tuck enough where I would actually end up touching the tire with my butt? I ride with my seat low (i’m not going to raise it, because when its this low it helps me a bit).

Idk, its hard for me to tuck anything really. It’s just really hard for me to crouch enough. Any ideas? I think it might be something to do with my lack of pushing the saddle forwards enough, since i just hit myself in the chest really hard sometimes.

If its too confusing, I can re explain it.


(oh yeah, so none of you come and burn my house down, i did a search)

What I’d do: Practice stand stills where your tucking and do small hops where you tuck. Do SIF tucking hops up 30cm things and once you can tuck on that move up and see if it sticks.

kay, so just like totaly overshoot and tuck until i’m touching? and just sorta drop onto the object?

screw it, i’ll just ask you on aim.

There are two steps to tucking that must be done at the same time, once you leave the ground:

  1. Pull up on the saddle. Hard.
  2. Pull your knees up. As far as they will go.

Practice each one separately, then put them together.

Once the tire starts hitting your butt, you’ve succeeded.

Put the seat more to the side if you’re hitting your chest. Or go Baldwin stlye and put it way out in front but that’s a whole lot harder to control.
You could always practice more?

kay, thanks Maestro and magixause, i’ll try. Ive got an hour or so to practice.

Ive helped a few people this way and it works well.Find something about 10cm lower than your record and keep hopping at that but without a prehop.Its easier to tuck without a prehop when learning cause it makes it less confusing.Juts keep trying to get your butt onto the tyre even if youre doing it after landing.Once you get the tuck going just start with prehops

Kay, thanks dude. I’ll try that tomorrow.