HELP - torker lx

i just bought a torker lx from my LBS yesterday
and after 40 mins riding, just riding and like 1 hop off a curb,
the cranks were not straight,

i’m not sure if this is from me, or it was like this originally,
is this a big problem?
and why would it do this?

i want to do a little bit of hopping and a few freestyle tricks,
what can this unicycle actually do safely?
considering i am just under 70kg.

because if this uni is not right for me,
then i can use this fault to get a refund.

Help please!

Toker LX’s are usually pretty standard Uni’s. It should be fine all you described. I can’t imagine the cranks being bent already. I they are go and complain or buy new cranks. LX cranks should be cheap.

so my lx ‘should’ actually be good for normal riding, hopping, and some basic freestyl stuff like crank spins and 180s and jump mounts?

Technically yes. Do a lot of drops and you’ll have problems, but for the little stuff thats easier on the uni than big drops and tricks, it should be fine, especially for freestyle (which is very low impact - I think you might mean street, not freestyle if you’re talking about crankflips or 180s and such).

If you’re planning on doing a lot of tricks outside of freestyle (upspins, crankflips, jumps, etc) then an LX would not survive for long.

so crankflips is a no go?
what about 180 spins and jump mounts and stuff?

and should i take this chance to refund the lx and get something else?
the problem is that its very hard to get many of the US unis here in australia,
because shipping costs a fortune.

and would you suggest getting steel cranks?
or is keeping the alloy ones a good idea?

Its most likely the hub thats bent, not the cranks.

I’ll just put in that unis like the Lx are great for learning low-level stuff on.

Unispins and such should be OK, too.

Trials would be miserable, though. :p-yes, I learned most of my trials skills on a freestyle unicycle. When I got a real trials unicycle my hopping almost instantly doubled.

My first uni (summer 2007) was a Torker LX. It was great for learning on, but unfortunately it is not able to handle hops or anything other than pure flat. After I started to hop, it wasn’t long before I bent the hub. After you bend the hub, it’s very difficult to fix it because Torker uses non-standard parts. The only available replacement hub is the Suzue from UDC, but then you have to get your spokes cut shorter. A big pain, and not all that cheap in the end.

I would recommend getting a Nimbus uni with an ISIS hub, even for a beginner.

Even if that’s not the kind of riding he’s thinking of?

Remember that trials unis are absolutely miserable for normal riding.:wink:

I’m not taking about trials, just things like hopping 12" high (blocking while playing uni-bball) and jumping off curbs. This is what did in my Torker, I don’t even really ride trials yet. I hate not being able to jump all I want on any uni I own. This is why I built up my basketball-only uni as follows: 24" Nimbus frame, slick tire, Nimbus wheelset with ISIS hub. I have 137mm KH cranks, just because I had an extra set. I realize the KH cranks are probably overkill, but there are cheaper options now.

If I read the first post correctly this is not at all an issue of hopping.

No reason to argue with you. You will just have to accept my superior knowledge :roll_eyes:

What you are describing should not break ANY non-defective modern unicycle in a reasonable amount of time.

It could be that my Torker hub was defective. This is the one any only uni-hub I’ve bent, so I don’t have a lot of sample points to work with. It could be that uni-bball puts more stress on unis than it seems. Another guy who plays uni bball with us every week sheered one side of his cheap uni hub (not a Torker) right off in the middle of a game. It was pretty funny to see.