Help! Tire size 20” nimbus II. Will a 20”x3” tire fit on a 20” nimbus II frame?

I was wondering if a 20” x 3” tire will fit on a 20” nimbus II unicycle. I have tried searching the forums and I can’t find anything. Or what is the widest tire that will fit?


I’m mainly wondering what the clearances are between the forks I can’t seem to find this dimension anywhere

Hi Joshua,

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In the world of 19" wheels, the most common big tire is around 2.5 (for trial) and most frame clears them. In the world of 20" wheels, the tires tend to be from the BMX world and are slick and in the 2.2 - 2.4 range.

That being said, there are a few exceptional references.
You can email to ask for the width and height of a Nimbus II frame if you do not have one yet.

However, keep in mind that the rim will impact how wide the tire will be once inflated and you may not find this info before purchasing it.

Technically, there is also frames that would clear even bigger 20" tires but it may become out of scope or budget :slight_smile:

Answer No

Hi Joshua, I have a black nimbus II fork on my 20” unicycle with a 2.5” tyre fitted. I can see that a 3” tyre would not fit between the forks. I have considered the same thing before.


Thanks for the input guys. I was torn between the equinox and the nimbus II. I ended up with the nimbus II. On my old uni I was using a Kenda flame 20” x 3”
And that is what I was hoping to put on the nimbus II. I did not know that rim size will effect the the width the tire ends up being tho. I measured the Kenda flame while it is on my old uni and the width is 2 3/4”. The nimbus II frame measures 2 3/4 so I still will prolly attempt to put it on. It’s a smooth tire so I’m not worried about picking up stones and then geeting stuck in the forks. I will report back if and when I try it. And I’m mostly happy with the nimbus II. Switching the seat cause it hurts and putting different pedals on.


Sebcycle what brand tire do u use? I may be looking for a new one. If the 20 x 3 Kenda flame doesn’t fit then I was thinking about trying the 20 x 2.25 Kenda flame. I haven’t really found many 20 x 2.5 tires.

As has been already said the rim on the Nimbus II would not give you the best advantage on the 2.3" tyre. The height of the frames have varied a bit over the years, so it is hard to say. My guess is that it probably would fit, but I can not guarantee.

The best option is to go for the Sylph, it is a unicycle with a rim and frame designed for these bigger 20" tyres.


Just an update Incase anyone is interested. I tried the 20” x 3” Kenda flame tire on my nimbus II and it fit width wise however it did not fit height wise. So after talking to Josh at I came up with the solution of getting a 24” nimbus II muni frame and putting my 20” rim on that only 20grams weight difference. I have tried 3 or 4 different tires on my 20” and the 20 x 3 is by far my favorite. I was actually able to ride it on the beach in the harder sand by the ocean. It’s great for hopping too.