Help!!! Seat Post Length???

I need some wisdom from the UCF. I am going to cut off my seatposts today. I want them to be able to go low, for hopping practice, yet be long enough for me to raise them back up and still ride normal.

Question: How much seatpost needs to be in the stem for it to be safe?

My hacksaw is warmed up and ready, so please respond quickly. --chirokid–

I think it’s about two inches- when I cut mine, I just took a rough estimate of the marker on the bottom of the tube that said “minimum insertion” and made sure at least that much was left.

That was exactly my feeling. Thanks Stallion! --chirokid–

…no matter how many times I cut it, it’s still too short…:wink:

I’ve measured a few - the minimum insertion point is consistently around 2.25 to 2.375 inches from the end of the tube.