help riding downhill (not Muni style just ramps and stuff)

have done some searching looking for tips on riding downhill (when I say downhill im not talking about muni im talking about just basic ramps and hills and stuff) I have now managed to be able to ride uphill and on flat ground quite well but always strike problems when it comes to downhill which is a slight problem as where i live it is quite hilly so please if someone can give e a few tips for keeping my unicycle underneth me on these downhill sections it would be gratly apprieciated

Well isn’t that excellent? Go out and practice.

If you want tips I think it would help if you described your problem. Not that you can’t ride downhill, but why you can’t do it. Do you always fall backwards, or maybe you lose control? Etc.

Hold onto the handle/front of the saddle with one hand if you aren’t already.

Pulling up on the front of the seat helps a lot to keep your feet firmly on the pedals so you can ride up/downhill without falling off.

OK so my problem is varied if i get a decent sorta run up on the flat before i hit the downhill section i usually end up going to fast and lose contol i usually keep going and the unicycle is left lying on the ground
Though if I dont get a good run up the unicycle normlly falls behind me.
I am doing regular prctice normally half hour or so night i try not to lean forward really when going downhill as i figured i would land on my face so i try to sit pretty much verticl maybe leaning back a little and do my best to keep my peddling smooth and slow

Does anyone have any secret tricks for coping on quater pipes?
I managed the “coped” drop in once or twice but the bumd seemed to put me off
The “non-coped” drop in thingo was great and i found that really easy but the coping just seemed to put me off a little as i went in- i couldnt really jump as it was wet :roll_eyes:

Ok, this mainly is aimed at down steep hills (not ramps):
First of all you should feel fairly comfortable riding your uni and have built up the leg power to control speed (by this i mean speeding up on the flat then using the muscles in your legs to slow yourself down smoothly, then speeding up again).
Now, when riding down a hill, start smallish and work your way onto bigger hills as your confidence builds, dont fly up to the hill or you will be going WAY too fast and your pretty much guaranteed to hurt yourself, ride at a comfortable speed, dont lean too far forward or too far back, try to keep upright, keep your hand on the handle, look forward and use your legs to ensure you dont build up too much speed…
If you get too much speed then your either on a hill thats too big for you at this point in time, or your legs aren’t strong enough to handle the hill (i guess they pretty much mean the same thing).
Hope this helps.