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Hi I’m brand new to unicycleing! I tried out a friends and loved it hehe really thinking of getting one! would like to do street unicycling and at my local skate park, was looking at trials Uni’s, I’m heavy I play rugby and water polo for kent im 90kg’s! and im 6ft1 maybe a bit more my leg is 36-38 i think, Now because of my weight i was thinking of getting a splined uni and my two choices were The Nimbus Hoppley or the Qu-Ax Splined Trials Unicycle, Both found for £175 Which one do you guys think i should go for? or can u reccomend anything else? ideally anything a bit cheaper :o
Thanks guys, any help much appreciated!


I thought I’d say hello as there aren’t too many of us unicyclists in Kent, UK! I am afraid I will have to allow the more knowledgeable members of the forum advise you but what I would say by way of advice is if you possibly can, spend whatever it takes to get a quality uni that it is suitable for you and your intended uses. It really is worth investing the extra bit of money if you can raise it somehow. While your learning and especially if you are trying the more adventurous stuff your uni will take a hammering!

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Cool cheers, any clubs or groups that you know of? or even good places to go? And iI’m a bit of an adrenaline junkie/idiot hehe so yeah adventurous stuff is likely to be at least tried if not succeeded!
Same question as the beginning to everyone else please!!!

There seems to be a dearth of clubs or uni activity in our corner of the country although I’d be very pleased to be corrected on that if anyone knows different. I am Canterbury based and usually ride my uni at the Uni (University of Kent campus) which is brilliant, especially during vacations when the students aren’t about and I have 300 acres of paths, walkways, ramps as well as fields and woodland tracks to myself. I have only ever seen one other uni rider in Canterbury but I have not had the opportunity to speak to him.


I own the Qu-ax trials that you mentioned. That’d be a really good choice for you if you’re willing to spend the money. It won’t break and is perfect for trials and works well for street. Another option is the Torker DX. The Torker is a bit cheaper, but should withstand a beating just as well. If you’re really interested in street you might prefer the Torker because of it’s 125mm cranks. The shorter the cranks the easier it’ll be to crankspin and you’ll move a little bit faster. However, longer cranks make for better stability, which is important in trials.

Hope that helps a little bit…
Someone else could probably offer a bit more advice. I’m not one among the experienced riders yet.

I own a Torker and it has treated me well so far, but if you are not going to buy that than I would definitely go for the Qu-ax trials.

The quax would be good

Cool cheers guys no word on the nimbus hoppley then!? does look nice! hehe right then the Qu-Ax is sounding like the winner so far!
Any more help much appreciated.

What is trials!?

Idk anything about the Hoppley really. I’ve heard good things about it…but not much at all. Where do you even get one? But the most popular for what you’re looking for is the KH 20" Trials (which is out of my price range), the Qu-ax, and the Torker. Trials is overcoming obstacles, climbing things, jumping gaps, up and down things. Like i said, the Torker will withstand the beating fine; my roommate has one. But I’d recommend the Qu-ax definitely.

EDIT: Remember, you get what you pay for.

okidokey! well the Qu-Ax is at the top of my price range so I’m not going to go any higher :slight_smile: not until I’m a super amazing pro ( yeah right!) I’ve found it at But the general jist of things is that the Qu-Ax is probably the best choice, so let the saving begin hopefully I’ll have me a shiney new unicycle in the not too distant future!
Cheers guys, Any more help much appreciated!

You said you were more interested in street, so if you do get the Qu-Ax, make sure you get the 127s on there instead of the 145s that are stock on them.

The 127s will let you spin faster and flip easier then the bigger 145s.

Either way, both unicycles will hold up for a long, long time with no problems.

Sorry m8 new to it all! i assume ur talking about crank sizes? :S please translate! hehe

If you are talking about crank sizes then both must have their advantages right? would you mind explaining the difference for me?

I am indeed talking about the crank size.

Longer cranks, like the 145mm ones that come stock on the Qu-ax, are nice and long, and can cause pedal strikes (pedals hitting the ground) on some turns. They are a little tougher to spin fast, but they give great leverage and control when doing trials.

Shorter cranks are a lot easier to spin, and be able to get up to a fast speed easily. They dont have as much control as longer cranks, but because of their size, they make flips and spins easier and slightly quicker.

But, with practice, you can spin longer cranks and do street on them fine, or you can have smaller cranks and do trials on them fine too.

I don’t find that my pedals hit the ground too often, although it is certainly possible…it’s really not a problem. He’s right though. You have to choose what it is you REALLY want to do more of trials or street. If it is trials, then get the 145mms, if it is street then get the 125’s.

Okidokey lol cool cheers m8 :slight_smile: well seeing as I havn’t tried either I don’t really know! but I think I’ll stick with the stock ones for now more control sounds like a good thing to me! and now I know what trials is it sounds more like wot i was thinking about! bareing in mind I’m only just about stable on one wheel having tried my m8s unicycle for one day only! (i guess im a natural clown!) I’ll have to improve and then begin to get the hang of things and see where I go from there. Thanks for your help guys!
If anyones got any further tips or info it’d be much appreciated!