Help! Please... 360 unispin

I know there is a lot of threads about unispins… But so far, None of them has helped me out. :astonished:

I wondered if anyone could give me some tips, what am I doing wrong? I filmed a few unispins. I know Im holding the seat in a n00by way (One hand at the top, and one back at the bumper), but if I try to have both my hands on the middle, I cant even spin it anymore then 180. I actually land with my right feet on the crank pretty often. But I never land with my left one.

I jump with my right feet behind, and my left feet… yeah, you know… in the front.

Anyways, Here is the vid, I hope someone can tell me what I do wrong, I really wanna land it soon. Or maybe I just need to practise more.

Is there noone who can give me some advice? Anything? I`m getting desperate, anyways, Im going out to pratice.

By the way, Aproxximately, how long does it take to learn it?

I can easily do a 180 unispin, But if I hold in that way, I can`t spin 360.

I recommend you learn 360 jump mounts, to seat in.

At the moment, you’re not jumping high enough and you’re actually jumping backwards away from the uni and leaving it in front of you.

360 jump mounts will help you get the hang of the hand movement. Also practice just spinning the uni while you stand there, use your right hand to catch the spin as early as possible.

I`m actually very close to it now, I think… I just need some more practice.
I landed some 270 unispins :stuck_out_tongue: And leapt a few times at the wheel :smiley:

Just put both off your hands at the same side of the sadle, and jump high enough, spin and put your legs far away from the unicycle.
And then pull back your feet towards the uni, aiming on the cranks at first.
Then when you get the hang of it, aim for the pedals only.
All the help I can give you mate.

Peter M

Thanks, Im getting it now. I hope to make it before Im going away tomorrow. I`ve landed with both my feet once now :sunglasses:

I know I can do it…i just can’t commit myself to landing it for some reason. I need to try the 360 mount to seat in…i think my seat is too high.

Im close to it, I Hope Im still able to land it when I come home.

If you still havnt got it I have made a video tutorial check it out, it may show you what you want. heres a link

do you do them rolling, if not try it…

Me? I can do both 180 and 360s rolling I can do 180s rolling up a curb and I can do 180s and 360s rolling off things.