Help! Pedal wont come off

I own a Kris Holm 20-inch trials. It’s only 3 months old, and I can’t get one of the pedals off. I’ve broken 2 wrenches already. Any suggestions?

try crc and a batter wrench

Ok first make sure the pedals are on the right sides…If you cross threaded them on the wrong sides you may never get them off.

Next make sure your turning the rightway…The rule i use is “foreward on, back off” so if you want the pedals to come off the rotate the wrench backwards from the front of the uni.

If all else fails then try some penetarting oil like WD-40.

Remember that the left pedal is reverse threaded so you have to turn it counter-clockwise to loosen. Use a real pedal wrench rather than a generic wrench or an adjustable wrench (spanner for you UK folks).

Baring that, take it to a bike shop. They can remove it. If it’s stuck or really tight it is better to let them do it than to try it on your own and risk stripping the threads or otherwise damaging the crank.

Correct me if I’m wrong (it’s been a long time since I’ve looked at a clock with a dial), but reverse threaded means you have to turn it clockwise to loosen.

Oops! I got it messed up when translating muscle movements to typing words. For normal threads it is righty-tighty lefty-loosen. For reverse threads (left crank and left pedal) it is the opposite.

For pedals I remember the little ditty: Right is right, left is wrong. That means the right pedal has normal (correct) threads and the left pedal has wrong threads (reverse threads).

i just use the ol’ forward = tight. rearward = loose.

liquid wrench

righty tighty=lefty loosey

you might want to buy a pedal wrench, like the ones they have at bike shops. They help a lot.

i dont have a pedal wrench, the closest spanner i have got is 17mm, which is 2mm too big, so i put the spanner on it and put a pop-rivet in the gap and it makes a bice 15mm spanner.

a pedal wrench will help a lot. it probably happened because when the pedal was put on it was done to tightly up. with pedals you aren’t suppose to do them up tightly, mainly because you can’t get them undone again and it can also wreck the thread.

You could of course turn the seat round and ride the unicycle “the wrong way” for a while. This will tend to loosen the pedals. Ride sensitively, though. As soon as a pedal feels loose, you must stop.

i couldnt get my pedal off a couple of months ago, got lots of people to try to help me, but that didnt work, so in the end i took it to my local bike shop and the guy had it off within seconds!! no charge or anything either.