help on wheel walking

Im trying to practice wheel walking on my freestyle 20" uni. Im having the hardest time! any advise??

Try it alongside a fence. You can take your time and get your feet used to not interfering with one another.

Practice practice practice.

go a LOT slower than you think you should, and lean back.
Oh, and use a fence like UTurn suggested.

How I wheel walk

heres the easiest way to wheel walk. i did it in about 3 minutes!

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heres the easiest way to wheel walk. i did it in about 3 minutes


Lol, nice picture.

Anyway, the main key to wheel walking is practice and more practice.

When i started learning i just went straight off a wall and pushed hard. This was probably not a good thing to do. Take a bit of time wheel walking against a wall to get feeling of moving the tire with the feet. When you’re ready just go from a wall and see how far you go.

A few tips:

  • Slow it down! At the start you probably have to push really fast just to stay on. As you get a bit more competent slow down the feet. Proper wheel walking is actually done guite slow but the walker has heaps of control of the wheel and is well balanced.

  • Lean back: At the start i found i was falling forwards a lot as to keep on i had to go really fast (see above). Sit up with a straight back and lean back more than you think you need to.

  • Shoes make a great difference when it comes to wheel walking.
    You want shoes that are tight fiting and have a slightly flexible sole. If you try in loose floopy shoes you will get no where. I started learning in loose skate shoes and when i switched to tight fiting tennis shoes i double my best distance first time.

More than anything, wheel walking requires practise.

My advice: Practice till you get it, it may seem like you never will but one day, out of the blue you’ll try and wheel walk and find that you can go for alot longer than you used to, trust me, in this case practice really does make perfect