Help on Gliding and Backwards riding!!

I may have posted something like thia already but i need as much help as i can get. I just want to know the best ways to learn how to glide on a flat and slightly downhill and the best way to learn to ride backwards. I can go about a foot backwards without falling over <__< and gliding i seriously need help with. Thx :smiley:

GO to

Great directions.
Backwards riding is under the catagory of freestyle and gliding is under freestyle also.


Can you do one-footed wheel walk reasonably well yet? If not, learn it; then come back and ask about gliding.

As to backward riding, just PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE: it will come eventually. Make sure you’re leaning back sufficiently, too.

Also, check out the tips on the Unicyclopedia, and use the search function on this site.

when I learned to ride backwards, I learned very slowly because it wasn’t that important to me. see, whenever I went on a ride, I would just pretend to try to ride backwards for fun, and I would never really succeed. but slowly, this screwing around actually made me improve. if your main style is trials/street, maybe you could try this. if it’s freestyle, then you’ll probably want to learn much faster.

I’d agree learning ridding backwards isn’t that important with Trials, but street it is VERY important. Street is the colmunation of Urban-Trials, and freestyle, and i’d have to say backwards ridding is the most commong freestyle skill you use in street.

i recently started to “get” gliding. it took me forever! the progression, in my opinion:

  • One footed riding is required. Be sure to get comfy w/your foot on the frame.
  • wheel walking, both feet, is mostly required; this helps you get your side-to-side blance when you don’t have your feet on the petals.
  • one footed wheel walking, is required.
  • concentrate on keeping your back straight; this was a major mistake i kept (and keep) making; don’t buckle your body forward.

When you fall, note which way you fell. Make an effort to not fall that way again. rinse, lather, and repeat. It took me two solid weeks before I could wheel walk. I took a huge break from trying to learn to glide because it was ‘way hard’. the past few weeks i played around w/it for 20-30 minutes a day, and now i’m getting 10-20 feet on a regular basis. A 20" is easier than a 24" (i have a KH 20" trials, and a KH24" muni; the muni is much harder, but doable for me).


Ah, corbin, that realy helps thx :3 But i didnt get much help from

I don’t wuite understand it. It kind of helps tho

Thats weird,because it took me like 10 minutes to “get” gliding.1 foot ww was WAY harder to learn than gliding.I learned normal ww about a year ago,then FINALLY learned 1 footww two weeks ago,next day,I was gliding.

In fact,I can glide(down hil) farther than i can 1 foot ww