HELP - newbie - what to buy?

hey guys… i’m hoping i can get a little bit of help here. i found a new hamburg 24" for a much better price than the “'06 Cycle Pro
Unicycle 24” sold at, but i honestly don’t know if one would be better than the other.

can anyone give me an idea?? anything would help!!


or you might try buying a search button.
oh wait, that comes free. and since it is free you might as well use it

torkerdx: maybe you should pull your ego out of your a** hole. despite the fact that it might make you into a better human being, it might actually make you a better rider.

unless you have something good to say, why don’t you go ride your uni without a saddle… it won’t make you into a better anything, but it’ll give you an idea of what you are. :slight_smile:

no he gave you two really good pieces of advice. The price of a torker lx isnt that high, and its a great learner uni. Also you should search because you can find alot of the stuff your looking for really easily

Agreed, but just because he’s advise was good doesn’t mean his attitude was necessary. As far as I know this forum seemed to invite people of all levels, including newbies. I came here thinking I’d find friendly peeps, not people who would talk to me like I’m an idiot. It’s people like that who make other readers not want to come back to this forum…

I agree a LX is a great learner, but then 20" or 24"

20 - freestyle, easiest to learn, light trials. Max tire width: Maxis Max Daddy 20X2.25.

24 - commuting, rolls over bumps easier, light muni. Widest tire: 2.6"

i would go with a torkster unistar lx for a begginer, like i am, i dont have one but i have only heard good things about them

By the way. I own and ride a Torker Unistar LX 24"(My first real Uni) and on a 1 foot rolling hop, I twisted the cranks. I’m not saying don’t get it but really think about where you might be in unicycling in a year (what areas interest you the most; Trials, Muni, Street, Long distance riding) before you choose. I don’t know if this helps or makes the matter worse but if it can help you make a better choice my deed was done.

I am not sure what the “hamburg 24” is (do you have a link?), but the 06 cycle pro unicycle looks kind of similar to the Sun unicycles, which are cheap, but generally aren’t as well regarded as the Torkers.

What kind of riding do you want to do? Are you mainly trying to just learn? What will you want to do after you learn to ride?

The answer is probably available on the forums by searching, there is a wealth of information available here.

go lx

check out this thread

for my experience with cyclepro… go for the lx.

If you already now what you want to do and have the money, then get the best you can afford for that area.

No learner unis are designed to take much of a beating. The cranks on learners aren’t very strong. If you break them or the hub you can replace them w/ stronger versions (here and here)

IMO it’s best to start off w/ a decent learner, watch some videos, focus on skills & tricks that aren’t hard on the uni (esp. drops over a foot) while you save up for a really nice one.

Looking back, this is what I wish I would have done, started w/ a LX, then saved up for a KH. But instead, since I knew I wanted to get into Muni, I got the cheapest Muni I could, a Torker DX.

Are the cranks that you linked significantly stronger then the ones that come stock on the torker lx? Cause my friend has a torker lx and I thought it would be cool if I got him some new cranks that would allow him to do small drops.

cheaper price

just a heads up, if you do decide to go for the cyclepro (which I don’t recommend), has them for $59+13 s&h.

good luck, let us know what you decide.


Just say NO to the Hamburg, I bought one for my nephew last year and its a piece. I have already ordered him a new Torker LX for this Xmas.
And welcome to the forums

Yes, but NOWHERE near as strong as splined cranks.

On the LX the hubs are usually a bit stronger than the cranks. If you or your friend swiched to the hubs and cranks I linked too they’d last much longer, but you’d still break 2 or 3 sets of cranks for every hub.

That said Roger of UDC UK (not a big guy) has taken the cotterless Nimbus trials off several 4 ft drops w/o any failures. Also I’ve heard of lots of people breaking these parts, but I’m sure that’s from LOTS of heavy use.

Just don’t do drops, replace parts as they break, and save your money. If you do like The.Mars.Volta and keep most of your riding off asphalt and concrete and it’ll last much longer. Reef beat on his LX a lot, but I think broke his seatbase, seat post, pedals, and crank before getting his KH (he seems to have removed that awsome vid:().

Thank you for the reply. I personally have a Nimbus ISIS Trials with KH cranks. I got my friend into unicycling and he bought a lx. I thought it would be cool to buy him some stronger cranks for his birthday so his uni will last longer. But I think I’m gonna buy him some Odyssey Twisted pc(please don’t try to convince me that metal is better) pedals instead since the stock pedals on the lx are really bad and its getting wet.

Yeah you are telling me… I have an LX and when I was riding earlier I had a few close calls because of slippage.

the LX is a good unicycle.
i just made a thread in product reviews for people like you looking for a new unicycle. if you need help with anything just PM me, i’m more than willing to help you out. sorry you got the SEARCH FUNCTION abuser in your first thread, but yeah, there are a bunch of people who are willing to help you out correctly and nicely… the people who get noticed are the ones who are harsh… but ya

any one who needs advice on anything really is more than welcome to PM me