Help needed in Colorado Springs

Hey everyone,
I’m new here - just got my first unicycle this weekend after years of wanting to learn.
I’m just wondering if anyone knows of anyone in the Colorado Springs area who’d be willing to help me figure this thing out?

Check this page out.



I just got here myself. The guys/gals on the forum pretty much taught me how to ride by giving me some good advise along the way.

Search this forum for “newtouni” and you can read some great tips the forum provided me over the past week or so.


There is a Colorado Springs Unicycle club. Jeremy Cunningham pretty much runs the show, but I just checked the website and it is MIA. They met every other Saturday at a park, but maybe not in the winter…not sure. I’ll email him and find out what’s up.

Also, maybe we could hook up one of these evenings. I live about 30 minutes from the springs.


That would be greatly appreciated.