Help needed chosing a saddle

Hi, i’m new to unicycling, and i have just a simple 20" Sun unicycle. The seat is very uncomfortable and i constantly have to move my manlyness out of the way. What would be a better saddle to buy that would help this problem? For now i mostly just ride on the street and do tricks.
Thank you for the help!

If you’re spending a lot of time in the saddle, a KH Freeride is pretty decent. If you’re doing a lot of flatland/street tricks, I think you want a lower profile and/or lighter seat, like the Impact seats.

Pretty much anything will be better than the sun saddle, unless it comes of an ebay special.

A lot of people here gravitate to the Kris Holm freeride and street and the impact naiomi. If that isnt in your budget a UDC or nimbus gel saddle should improve comfort a lot.

If you are new to unicycling saddle pain may also be increased by getting used to the unicycle.

Beware that you may need a new seatpost to go with the saddle. UDC, KH, QuAX, Impact etc. use 1 standard while many of the cheaper manufacturers use another.

Do you know which of those would work with unicycle i have? And is the free ride the best bet, or should i go with the cheaper one? The only reason i’m asking is because the freeride is around $75 which is more than half the price of the unicycle itself, lol.

While a good saddle can be a great long term investment I would try modifying what you have first.

If your manliness is getting crushed it is probably due to the seat tilted too far forward or just being too curved for your anatomy.

First thing to do is try tilting the front up a bit. Loosen all four bolts holding the saddle to the seatpost and slide it all the way forward. If you want you can add some washers under the front bolts for additional angle. Tilting the saddle to the back will move where you naturally sit on the seat further back getting your nuts out of the sharpest part of the curve.

If your bits are still feeling the pinch you can try “flattening” your seat. There are multiple ways of doing this from carving down the foam front and back, adding material to the centre part of the base or bending the base itself. many people are flattening their bases with good results.

If all else fails grab a new seat. The current freeride is quite comfortable without modification.

The two mounts that davejh was talking about are the Schwinn and Miyata mounts. The KH seats use the Schwinn mount, and my sons Sun also has that mount. So, unless Sun is using different mounts it will probably fit a KH/Nimbus/Impact/QuAx saddle.

As for comfort, the shape is the most important thing. The Freeride has a lot of padding, but I find the Street more comfortable. It’s really a personal thing. That said I can’t think of anyone off hand who likes the stock Sun saddle.

Best advice ever even though you would think tilting the front up would be backwards

Alright, this all sounds like really good stuff! I’ll start with tilting my seat since that obviously sounds the most economical. If that doesn’t work, i’ll probably go for a new seat, it probably isn’t a bad investment since the new seat would more than likely fit a better unicycle if i ever buy another one. So, in the end, i wouldn’t really lose anything there.
Thank you all very much for the help, I really appreciate it, and i will let you guys know how adjusting the seat goes. :blush:

Just for Info:

I just built a 19" Uni with the Impact Naomi saddle. It could be a comfortable saddle (not too much padding) if i t wasn’t curved (banana). I’m so used to flat saddles, i can’t ride it for long.
Swapped it with my flattenend Qu-Ax standard, way more comfortable.
Tomorrow i will boil and flatten the naomi base and see if it gets equally comfortable.



I always tilted the front of my saddle downwards thinking it won’t crush the boys as hard… I guess I should try it the other way :smiley: