Help me find a tough uni

Everyone, I need a tough uni. I weigh about 240 lbs, and I’ve seen riders
70 lbs lighter than me bend cranks on their Pashleys, and rims on their
Schwinns. I don’t do big drops, mostly just ride off curbs 6" high at the
most. I want to be able to do one or two-foot drops, hop up and ride down
stairs, and hop up on curbs without bending my rim or cranks. I don’t
figure I need to drop the cash on a Poznanter Profile hub and cranks, but
I need something that will definitely hold up so I can practice this stuff
without thinking about what I’ll break next. Would a Pashley Power Muni
with a good set of cranks (Shimano XTs or Black Widows?) hold up to that
kind of stuff? I doubt I’ll be doing big drops for a long time, and if I
do, I’ll drop the cash on something that will survive hopping off a truck
dock. For now I just want peace of mind for the comparatively minor stuff.

Thanks, John