HELP me choose out unicycle related stuff to buy!, ive got lots of cash to spend!

I from Australia so all money is australian and other stuff so i can only order stuff from

Hi ppls. In a few weeks im going busking which is like a street performance and people give you money if you didnt know. Usually imake $70.00 (AUS) per day for a few hours but you cant be sure all the time. Im busking 5 days in the school holidays and im hoping at minimum ill make $200.00 and the absolute maximum would be $350.00 or maybe $400 but i doubt it. (I ride on my girraffe uni.) Oh yer and my mum owes me fity (50) bucks. so help me spend my cash.

I would like to upgrade some stuff on my uni with the money, my uni looks very much LIKE this one but not exactly. The guy said the that i should tighten the cranks everyso often because im gonna be praticing trials and street so yer there can be heavy impact sometimes. and someone said in anothr thread that maybe the saddle should be upgraded. What do u think of upgrading the cranks to strong 137mm kh moments? ($130.00). And what do you think of upgrading to street gel saddle? ($85.00). Im also thinking to upgrade pedals to aliminium snafu pedals with removable pins for grinding, good grip and so they dont wear and tear to fast. I know for deffernet that im gonna get a uni stand at my local bike shop for 15 buks. I getting the uni from adelaide, genelg, South Australia, bike shop fo 200 bucks, not from UDC but it still should be good but i reckon i should upgrade some stuff as i said before.

Heres a list of the stuff i wanna get… what do you think of it? should i get these just gimme some feedback on anything plz… thx :smiley: remember im hopefully lol gonna get $200.00 (AUS) too $350.00 (AUS) to spend. At average, maybe ill get $250.00 + $50.00 that mum owes me so $300.00 so dont go over when pickin out te stuff i should buy.

Most important items first

  1. Unicycle stand $15 from local shop

  2. Aliminium Snafu Pedals w/removable pins $65 from UDC

  3. KH Street Gel Saddle $85

  4. Pulse Wrist Support Gloves $35 from UDC or random bmx gloves from Local Bikeshop.

  5. Black Crash Helmt $35 from local bike shop

  6. UDC Logo T-shirt, Black, ex-small $25 from UDC

  7. And now the kh moments…(cranks)…$130.00 (AUS) they do cost alot but they are very good support for drops…i need help on this one… [personally i think i should get them but yer…

I think upgrading the unicycle has more use than accessories like a stand and tshirts n stuff but post what you think… also if i havent said, write down a list of stuff in order of most importanat to least impotant. :astonished:

Dont worry about a stand, they suck.
Save your cash and put it towards something else.
Just put your uni against the wall.

Forget the upgrades and get a whole new splined trials uni - tbh it’s a waste of time if you keep upgrading from a low base level uni.

The Nimbus ISIS trials is the ideal uni on the market and very cheap, but for some reason I don’t see it on your UDC…

have to agree, your first upgrade should be a KH hub and cranks, and you’ll need new spokes to build the wheel. If you can afford to, sell your current uni and buy something all-round better, it saves a lot fo money in the long run.

also, unicycle stands are rubbish.

I also agree. If you haven’t already bought your uni, then don’t bother planning to upgrade already. I’m talking from experience here, I bought a cheap uni and it’s costing me a lot more to replace parts than if I’d just saved up and bought something like a Nimbus in the first place.
Also, if I’m correct by saying that you will have $200 for the original uni and about $200-$300 from busking then you would be able to afford the Nimbus and still have plenty to upgrade with. You could have an immense uni for that.

I use my stand for street performing often. That might be why he wants it.

If you haven’t bought it yet, cancel the order and buy this from when it comes into stock.

The unicycle you’re buying, to make it anywhere near as good, you’d need a new seat (with a handle), a new wheel & cranks (so that you can use splined cranks like moments), and it’ll still probably have a junk frame / seatpost / pedals etc. By the time you’ve upgraded all those parts, you’ve basically just spent your $200 on the original unicycle on buying a tyre, a seatpost and a frame, all of which are cheap parts.


You’ll also definately want some of these (or similar).

Like everyone else has said, if you haven’t bought the uni yet DON’T. Use the extra cash to buy the Nimbus ISIS when it comes in stock. You’l have a super strong uni that will last ages. Should be anytime now. You won’t need to make any upgrades then, except for the Moments if you want them. They are expensive but they are far better than a lot of other cranks.

Also to note that if you do:frowning: buy the uni your looking at now, the KH Moment cranks will not fit on it anyway. It has a square tapered hub not an ISIS hub.

buying shinguards from a website is useless. just goto a sport shop and buy some soccer shinguards. make sure to buy the ones with ankle protecters. eithers the soccershinguards or the kh shinguards, only cus they go all the way up your leg. but soccer ones only cost about 20$$ vs 50$+shipping.

Yes, i agree, but i was only using the link as an example. I don’t recall anytime during my post mentioning having to buy them online.

Im surprised that nearly everyone in this thread has suggested he wants to buy the uni he linked to when he did clearly say

which kinda suggests he might already have it?!


[past tense…].

Ps joemarshall gave you the link I was looking for…that’s the uni you want :wink: .

Where is Uni Tricks?! Has he disappeared?
We’re meant to be helping him but he’s not here. He definitely needs to tell us whether he already has the uni or not yet!

We can be sure he already has it. He says precisely

For me, that in no way suggests it’s something he is going to buy in the future.

I dunno, if it is something that I am planning to order or have on order then I might say that it’s mine. It then seems more real and excites you more!

Don’t know about you but I think that means HASN’T got it yet. In my language it does anyway.
From another thread a few days ago

That is why I suggested not getting it.

Lol yes i here now i only left this thread for one day…is that a problem? ppl dont answer strait away except 4 maybe 2ppl so i wait oneday…away ill tell youthe stuationin the next[post

I dont have the $200 uni.
I rang up and cancelled it.
I just ordered the nimbus isis trials 20" from UDC!Everything is going great now i just have to WAIT UNTIL JUNE $&$&%#&**(&%($(&@@$$

Not sure what the exchange rate or shipping is like but has them in stock

Not a bad idea, so I checked for you. I would cost an extra $140-150AUD. Then you might have to wait for it to go through customs or something anyway.

I fugure its the same just photographed on a different angle and you can get different colours and cranks. The NZ money is different and the postage will be all kinda confusing. ill just stick with teh one from AUStralia, sure i can wait 2-3 months even tho i dont wantoo lol