HELP! Im so confussed on what kind of uni to buy..(reposted)

Hi, im looking for a uni that is good for a bigginer but will last. as in i don’t want a peice of garbage. i havent tryed unicycling yet but it looks like fun, ive been told what are good brands and what not but im not sure what to start off with. i want to learn to ride then eventually do some trials and street/flatland. i know i want something with a 20" wheel. i heard a Torker LX would be a good starter but the cranks look kinda cheap then other people tel me to get a nimbus and some say just go straight to buying something good . im hoping to buy something cheap since im not even sure how long ill be into the sport or if ill even like it. im hoping to find something that wont cost alot to ship to canada, maybe something on ebay? well give me ideas on what to buy.

i’m surprised no-one’s mentioned the toker DX yet, a tough splined trials uni at a very good price, very popular with people breaking in to the sport. A splined nimbus trials with the KH moment crank upgrade would also be a good idea. The lx is a perfectly good uni for learning on but will not take a whole load of abuse without breaking, and will not fit the bouncy high volume trials tyres used for trials and street.

You’ve already asked this question and been answered many times. Stop re-posting.

Just buy everything, saves the worry. :slight_smile:

I have a Torker, well two actually.

They have been quite durable.

They’re not the best, and I want to upgrade, but if they survived a 210 lb man beatin the hell ouf of them they can’t be that bad.

I wouldn’t get an expensive one to learn on, you destroy them trying to learn, or I did at least.

My LX’s cranks stripped from riding down 5 stairs and doing 6 inch drops. If you plan to have the uni and want to be doing more than what I just said, I’d reccomend the Nimbus ISIS Trials with upgraded cranks or the Torker DX, both of those two will last you at least 3 years.


It probably got stripped from the five stairs not the six inch drops

I find that hard to believe My torker took quite a bit of abuse but never had a problem with the threads

not that I don’t believe you but it just seems weird.

we don’t want no hoodlums 'round here

:smiley: buy Nimbus Isis. (trials)

:astonished: hahh, i chose the name hoodlum buecase its a snowmobile company/team owned by a relative of mine.