Help Finding Uni Flip

So, I found a thread somewhere on here of someone doing a uni flip in which they jump up with their uni and in mid air flip their entire uniaround, catch it in mid air and land back on it. I thought this person was the only one who notably could do it and wasn’t sure where I saw it, what the trick was called etc. I thought it was named after the rider who discovered it.

Sorry if this is in the wrong place but I seriously can’t find it!


It is usually referred to as either a seatwhip or a maxwhip. Here is the first one landed by Max Schulze:


And here is another one landed by Adrien Delecroix:


Is this it?


THAT’S IT! You guys rock! My wife was having a hard time picturing what that looks like and of course I didn’t know the name to look it up. THANK GUYS!

Nope. That’s Max Whip Idling. :stuck_out_tongue:
Not the most efficient way to wait for the light to turn green, but quite impressive!


LMAO! If I could do that I’m not quite sure I’d feel the need to learn anyother tricks. :slight_smile:

I used to think that as well, but this trick gets pretty boring after you do it all the time