help choosing my next unicycle!

Hi all,
I am beginner unicyclist looking for a new unicycle.
I ride street and muni mostly.

This video shows my skill level. I am a tiny bit better than that now.

I was looking at a torker LX but really not sure.
I want something around $300 aud or less.

Don’t do it. Get a Nimbus… If that put you out of your budget (I don’t know “aud”) then modify the plan and wait until you can cover the difference!

-My $0.02

+1 Agreed! Torker anything wont be worth while. Get a Nimbus trials when you can afford one.

Yes, get a Nimbus! I would have suggested getting the Nimbus MUni since it is only $300 dollars in the USA new, but over in Australia it appears to be $425. :astonished: Still, keep your eye out, Nimbus’ are one of the best unicycles out there and at an affordable price.

by the replies people make throughout the entire forum regarding which uni to get it would seem that all uni’s suck compared to the Nimbus or Kris Holm uni’s…


don’t stuff around, just get a Nimbus or KH and be done with it. you’ll thank yourself as soon as that box arrives and you put it together and start riding it.

i lub ma neembas isis trials 20 dis march <------------------------>

the au section of UDC shipped my kit really fast too btw (although this was a bit over a year ago i think).

$395 for the nimbus isis trials 20. you can’t go wrong with that. save up another $195 from where you are currently aiming and you will be very happy. add an extra 50 if you want to upgrade the seat, although the stock nimbus gel saddle is already pretty damn alright in the first place so not necessary, but an option.

It was fun looking at the Kangaroo catalog

UDC AU has a nice selection, better in some ways than UDC USA. I recommend the Surly large marge, it looks awesome.:slight_smile:

If that’s to pricey, I agree with ^ that the Nimbus looks like the best deal in Oz. Dropping like you do, an lx wouldn’t be enough of a step up to bother with.

yeah well the “kangaroo catalog” doesn’t have all the cool accessories etc like the unicycle keychains etc that i see on the US site.

and the surly large marge? did you see the price? um, OUCH. i’m partial to the Monster 20. some day i might buy that just for the hell of it.

i just realised that my math was out for some reason. Joker022 only needs to aim +$95 from his current target to be buying a winner (plus p/h).

Thanks guys for helping me with that, looks like i will be saving up for the nimbus! :smiley:
Just one last question though, im not sure wheather to get the nimbus ISIS trials, or the nimbus X street?
which one?

damn straight you will buy a Nimbus!

i have an isis. i rock (just ask my mum ((or your mum)) ). therefore you want an isis. the x street is only if you are missing testicles or something. J/K!

but seriously… from the look of it the street has a different frame and longer neck, shorter cranks, and craptastic-plastic pedals (trials has metal pedals with grip pins and your foot WILL NOT move so you must place it right the first go). the fact that your own video has you guys doing drops and stuff screams “buy the trials”. i guess it’s like a bmx racer compared to a flatland rider… trials vs street uni, same dif… and each has their differing requirements. the trials is designed to take a bit of a beating and is therefore going to be a bit sturdier and heavier.

unless you manage to score a dud then you will be glad you got the trials. once you’ve assembled and pumped the tires you are laughing. only issue i have with my trials is the seat height, and that’s only a function of my own height and preference and nothing at all to do with the uni itself which is flawless… i’d like my seat just that tiny bit higher but can’t extend the seat any further but it’s no big deal and i’ve become used to the height it’s at and it’s probably already at the correct height if not a bit too high anyway in reality.

be aware that although it is not mentioned and not visible in the picture that the nimbus seat has “Nimbus” stitched into the rear of it. this isn’t a “problem”, just something not expected and some people were a little put-off by this as they weren’t expecting such branding on the seat. some people get a black felt-tip pen and blacken it out, and others like it. personally i like it as is. i have a nimbus and i’m happy for it to be there to see. also they affix to the neck the UDC gold coin logo which you can actually buy seperately for a couple of dollars on the american UDC in their accessories section. Again it’s another thing people aren’t expecting and some don’t like and others do like… and again i don’t care about it and think it looks ok and i’m happy for it to be there.

you’ll be wondering why you ever considered any other uni. tsk tsk.

well looks like im going to go for the nimbus ISIS trials 20.
might take a bit for me to save up enough for it but it sounds like it will be WELL worth the effort.

umm just wondering…
will i still be able to do grinds, crankflips and unispins well on the ISIS trials?

Yes, everything is possible on a Nimbus Trials ISIS. For grinds, it might be easyer if you take the pins off of one side of the pedals.