Help! 'Chaffage'

Help!! i’m getting really bad ‘chaffage’ on the inside of my thighs! it really hurts! Any suggestions on getting rid of it… or even preventing it? I’d really appreciate it… i kno this is a common problem for riders… someones bound to be holding a good solution out there!
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First, take the smilies out of your sig
Then, get some bike shorts

if your relatively new to this sport then just deal with it…you’ll get so used to it so quick that you wont even notice it…after a long ride ill go to have a shower and see that my legs are really red but i never felt a thing.

Yeah my legs are also red after a long ride and I don’t feel a thing either.

when i go on a long ride before hand i always put some chaffing cream on and i always always wear b*ke pants

i’m pretty new to unicycling (i started about a year ago) and i get really bad chafing from about midthigh up and really bad in my crotch. i’m a girl by the way and it still hurts. i really haven’t been able to do anything other than put a pillow there (which REALLY doesn’t work ;)) so i just sorta have to grin and bear it and sometimes take a break or stand up on the pedals and lean on something if i’ve been doing something for a long time.

One thing that I find that helps is boxer-briefs instead of briefs if that’s what people are wearing. I’m sure it functions similarly to bike shorts, though they’re obviously going to be that much better.

At the heart of it, you just want to minimize friction between your clothes and your skin - which is why bike shorts are so very useful and should be considered.

try to wear boxers or similar underpants…

also, any high quality skin cream should be applied BEFORE riding, and if you plan to ride extensively, then re-apply it to keep the skin moist and lubricated.

I have very sensitive skin so I always use the skin repair creams and such, those seem to work the best.

when i muni, i wear a pair of lycra bike shorts with a pretty beasty crotch pad… i havent found anylike this recently… they were my dads but he never used em… and if im going crazy i wear bomber shorts over those, they have a crotch pad too, and then normal shorts over all that. its hot, but the extra layers of fabric keep you from getting any chafeage. and im all about padding cause if you get hurt or sore, it sucks to ride (or ski)

i just use bike shorts

I use bike shorts

Nice dan!

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I wear bike shorts and gym shorts over those withmy reagular shorts and I still get some chaffage but I ride often and long enough that I don’t notcie untill I get home It’s just a matter of adjustment and experience do what works best for you.

I always used to get chaffage but since i now wear bike shorts it isnt as bad, and i am just getting used to it.

i must say that I never get this problem and i just wear boxers under w/e shorts Im wearing

Bike shorts and/or Savlon. Savlon is amazing. Just put it on red raw skin and it’s all fixed in the morning. And after a while you won’t need either any more.

I had legendary chaffing!

[SIZE=3]Bought a UDC Gel saddle
No more chaffing!

[SIZE=2]I’m chuffed to bits :smiley:



I had pretty bed chaffing with my KH saddle, also bought a nimbus gel saddle, and, it’s nice and skinny and I’m going to see if it chaffes today on a MUni ride.

I used to get torturous chafing, so I started wearing bike shorts over my underwear but inder my pants/shorts and it was slightly better. Then I wearing the underwear underneath and it still hurts but the pain is dramatically less. :sunglasses:

I use skatebording baggy pants!I used to skateboard, and they still fit me.They allow your legs to breathe and move freely and scince they’re baggy, there’s a lot of the pants that go to the side when I sit, so my thighs never chafe(except once, but I wasn’t wearing them) and I also find the pants in my profile picture PJ’s amazingly comfortable!(I ride in PJ’s sometimes 'cause I don’t want to change…or brush my hair either for that matter, it’s like I’m getting rid of my girly instincts!)