Not necessarily. If the shape doesn’t fit your head, it can cost 1000$ and still be uncomfortable. Even more so if you have the wrong size, if at all possible, I would always recommend going to a store and trying on a few. I once went out with a specific helmet to buy in mind and it just put weird pressure spots on my forehead, so I ended up buying a cheaper one, which just happened to fit the shape of my head better.


Yes indeed; measure your head and get the right size – I don’t think I have a particularly big head (physically or metaphorically…) but I ended up with an XL one and it makes a difference for me when wearing it for a long time – it has to fit properly though.

I also go with MIPS or Spin (Spin is what POC came out with after they did MIPS) – I have a POC Crane helmet for the unicycle as I wanted something that was smooth on the back so if I ended up falling on my back there was nothing to jar my neck if my the back of my head hit the ground.

I got a Freetown Lumenaire or something from Costco on sale for about $20 with MIPS about a year ago. Also has a rear red light built in. They still sell them or at least similar for less than $50. I haven’t had a good crash with this one but had a few tumbles and broke my last which was a Giro and didn’t have MIPS.

I’ll echo what has been said on sizing. I recently bumped my head on my latest fall so ordered some new helmets. I’ve been riding with the Giro Fixture MIPS helmet for years and absolutely love it. Good price at $30 on this website. Has a neat adjustable strap to hug your head which I really enjoy.

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I Rode with a Uvex Quatro Helmer and ITS works very Well. Also for Muni IT works, thé Helmet Costs 50 Euro.

I don’t have a specific brand or model to recommend, but I really suggest getting an offroad helmet (which could protect your chin) if you are going to ride fast, even onroad (as in, not offroad).

The idea is, if you fall forwards in high speed (typical UPD situation), it’s unlikely you can land on your feet, and chances are you brake with your face. I had the exact accident yesterday, I fell at about 18km/h to dodge a randomly appeared pedestrian. I wore a standard bicycle helmet which did not have the chance to protect my chin. I ended up in the ER to get a few face wounds stitched, which the doctor says accumulates to 6cm.

I wasn’t going to post this photo, but a helmet like this might cost less than a trip to the Emergency Room, and @hillin ’s post is a good reminder.

It seems like overkill, until you have stitches in your face.

Believe me, stitches in your face make you re-assess many decisions.

I’ve never been on the front-end of regretting decisions having to do with stitches in my head. However, I have been on the back-end. So, I am now “that guy”, that wears a helmet to unicycle and walk his dog. For the record, I don’t wear the full face mask to walk the dog, but steep downhill and sketchy Muni? Yep. But, I realize we all walk our own walk.


Sorry to hear. Hope you have a speedy recovery.

Also sorry to hear about your UPD.
Hoping you’re not in too much pain and recovering well.

I started out wearing a full face FOX helmet. I might start using it again.

Thanks folks. What doesn’t kill you make you stronger - and more cautious :wink:


Oh, that is ghastly! :fearful: I don’t think I will be riding fast now. So sorry to hear that. Makes me question the decision of riding mine.

I couldn’t wear that one. I have a thin body, and a big head. That helmet would make my head look even bigger. I would look like one of those big headed, life-size puppets. I agree it is probably safer, but I just can’t go there.

The problem wasn’t a size issue. My helmet has the boa system. I may have turned the dial too tight. Meanwhile, everyone’s suggestions gave me a good start on searching for the benefits of the different types of helmet safety.

If you live in the USA and are considering the SPIN safety feature. You need to get it now. SPIN is being discontinued in the USA.

I have decided to go with the WaveCel safety feature. They are available at Trek Bikes. There is one near my house, so I can go try it on in person.

Some of you might find this article helpful. It explains the difference between MIPS and WaveCel, and why SPIN is being discontinued here in the USA.

@Uni2ONE2, if they have that helmet there. I will try it on. Just to see if I am over reacting. If I don’t get it. What about a chin guard like football players wear? Would that help? Would that have procted @hillin?

I was shopping helmets last night, looking for one with chin guard. In spite of still having fresh wounds on my face, I still think that those safety features, although good to have, are an overkill to road unicycling - well it would be another story if you are going muni, I mean, after all it’s muni. I’m not gonna be faster than 20km/h on my 36er, I’ll not have a Schlumpf on it in the near future neither, so for brain protection I think a regular bicycle helmet is sufficient. All I need is additional chin/face protection.

However any helmet with a chin guard is heavy. The lighter ones, made of carbon, come with all sorts of safety features because they are expensive. Not saying I’m not happy with MIPS or something, I’ll take it!

If you’re so worried about the look why wear a helmet at all? You started the discussion asking about the fit of a helmet. That’s all you should be concerned with when buying a new one. That’s really all that matters.


I´ve got a Bell Super 3r MIPS - Mountainbike helmet with detachable fullface part. Wear it all-year, like it a lot. Bit bulky, but as some else here wrote, if you crash and then find out your helmet´s rubbish, it´s too late.

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+1 all helmets look dorky, but brain damage is dorkier.


Just received the helmets I ordered. Geez these things are huge!


Stay safe out there. No more facial scars.