Helmets and wrist guards

I’m in the market for a helmet and a pair of wrist guards. What do you reccomend?

I’ve looked a Harbinger wrist wraps, if that helps as a starting point for anybody.

I just got the harbiungers for x-mas, and they seem to be good, I haven’t broken my wrists yet, and I can still grab the lift handle. I just use a standard bike helmet in the summer, and a snowboarding helmet in the winter… I think there are a couple threads on the bike vs skate helmet…

I’ve had the Harbinger wrist wrap gloves for over a year. They’re quite comfortable and hold up well, I have landed on then very often and they really stand up to the abuse. As for a helmet, it’s really juat a matter of personal preference

I’ll add one more voice to the multitude in saying harbingers are awesome. They’re comfortable, have protection like gloves, and the wrist protection is good while still remaining flexible. The only problem I’ve had with them is that after a time they will come a bit loose, and I’ll have to re-wrap them. However, it’s only like 3 seconds of work.

Sounds good to me. I’ll go to some bargain hunting later this week.

the kris holm pulse gloves are really good. they have a wrist wrap that helps when u fall. they are only $30, too.

i agree w/ trey, the pulse gloves ROCK!!!
the wrist splint won’t save you if u fall from like 5+ feet going fast, but for trials type situations and non-extreme muni falls they ROCK!

i think skate helmets are more comfortable but definitely hotter. more a trials thing than muni. I like the 661 skate helmets or pryme. Both should be found at a LBS for $20 or so.

get some hocky gloves and a full face helmet… maybe a 661 pressure suit while your at it… cant be too safe…

I have an S one helmet which i very comfortable skateboard style helmet. and protec wrist guards which work fine but i never use them. But those are the ones i have and i like them

I’ve got a 661 Mullet Helm, kind of skate style but not piss-pot shoot-me-from-a-cannon smooth & shiny. Its matt black and looks damn sweet IMHO. I’ve been using some fairly cheap wrist guards, like the kind you get from the local toy store, but the plastic plates are thick and i’ve never had any problems with them. I think i’m going get some bigger ones soon tho.